Treadmill training

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Panic-in-Detroit, Dec 21, 2010.

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  1. If you had a target, to say, run 1.5 miles in 8 minutes, you could set the treadmill at the required speed and then run til you drop. You could then progressively build up the time, until you can run for 8 minutes at this speed.

    Seems simple. Anyone with experience of training using this method?
  2. But what would you do when it comes to running in "reality" with wind resistance, rain, cold, heat etc
  3. Set it on a min of 2% inclince, or the natural inertia of the belt will carry you. Speak to your 'Corps' man in the gym for a PFA programme (there is an equation chart for run times etc).

    Just seen you haven't joined yet! Speak to your local gym queen in 'Civ Div'.
  4. I tried it, thinking it was a great idea, what can go wrong, etc. It's crap and doesn't work - improvement was very slow and I ended up hanging out very fast indeed. What you want to do is do it on the ground (unless you're being tested on a treadmill) because the technique is so different (not to mention that running on a treadmill is basically a test of determination rather than fitness) and do 400m joints at the right speed, but with rests in between. To improve, cut down the rest time. If you are being tested on a treadmill, by all means try it, but for running on the grass or tarmac the way you actually run is very different and you'll probably find you run far slower.

    EDIT: what he said above mitigates the usual treadmill problems to a point. RM fitness tests are done on that incline for that reason.
  5. Threadmill running is very bad for the joints as well
  6. How do you come to that conclusion? The treadmill if anything is more forgiving than tarmac or pavement.
  7. I've never been able to do an 8 minute 1.5 mile.

    Closest I got was 8:20 about 5 years ago.

    But I know your method is the slow painful way to build up speed. Go for a longer distance, say 3 miles, and spend parts of that 3 miles sprinting, it's so much easier than trying to improve the speed by just doing the required distance as fast as you can all the time.

    I'm not, nor have I ever been a PTI.
  8. No, however i have heard of this method being attempted, However your forgetting factors already stated and I prefer treadmill training to outdoor's but you have to compensate,

    (IMO) I do not believe for one minute that treadmill running is any worse than running outdoors on tarmac etc.
  9. I am a regular user of treadmills, and find that the more incline and speed you use the more of a work out you'll get. I also use it when ever i've injured myself by pulling a calf muscle,which happens some what due to and old injury i have. Running on tarmac can be very unforgiving where as the treadmill will help you due to it flexing some what. It's a good idea to use it to help you gain more speed, but i also think you need to run on the road and set a distance and just keep pushing yourself with the timing issue. I agree with beemer, you do have to compensate. I run with ankle wieghts and a patrol pack as well as having the machine on a incline....they do help some what but also train outdoors as well. Sorry for any miss spelt words...
  10. The treadmill is much more forgiving on the joints than tarmac, I know as my cartlidges are in bits and I know im in a lot less pain after the treadmill than I am after running on the roads.

    There are a few advantages of running on the treadmill but not many, one thing that I do if I have to run on the treadmill i.e the weather is far too bad to run on the road etc is do hill reps. I will warm up gradully for 5 min and then in 1 min intervals I will do hill work alternated with flat recovery jogging for 2 mins. This will improve your speed and endurance quite well and is a decent way of getting a good run on a treadmill.
  11. Mag, isn't that whats called fartleg running?, thats another thing i tend to do too.
  12. Fartlek.....
  13. My bad!! I'll beat myself over the head with a plank of wood and repeat i shall not spell fartlek wrong again a hundred times!.
  14. I would probably refer to sprints/jogging intervals on the flat as fartlek. Another great way of improving your speed quite significantly.
  15. My orthopedic surgeon.