Treadmill speed

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Paratus44, May 13, 2007.

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  1. what speed should i put a treadmill on for a good workout?
  2. This must be a wah.
  3. erm, i would recommend putting it on to a speed where, when you have finished, you feel like you have had a good workout 8O
  4. I dont rate treadmills at all its best getting out on the roads and put the miles in.
  5. 14MPH for 2 hours. :twisted:
  6. Anyone know what kmph you would have to go for 1.5 at 10.30 mins??
  7. Here's a clever way of finding the answer. Link
  8. 13.72Km ish
  9. Treadmills, Gymnasia, PT tests?? Just get on the old 10 mile bash, jump a ditch, carry a mate and climb a 6foot wall, Thats a fitness test that you can't do today in case people fail it!!
  10. 10.5mins for 1.5miles = 7min / mile = 7min / 1609m

    = 4 min 20 secs / km

    = 13.79 kph = 8.6 miles per hour

    I always find it much easier to run it outdoors though. Treadmills give avery false sense of speed due to restriction of your running cadence.
  11. and what are you going to be doing while the treadmill has a workout??

    Just put your kit on and go for a run. If you go too fast, your body will automatically slow you down.....spooky.....