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Treadmill bleep test

I was once shown how to replicate a multi stage fitness test on a treadmill. You start at a speed and increase every minute. I have forgotten the start speed and the increase amount. Does anyone know it in KMPH please.

Cheers ofo
I did a quick Google and found this;

Start at 8.5 Km/h and increase by 0.5 Km/h every 50 seconds.

The real test starts at 7.5 Km/h - the increased speed should compensate for not slowing down and changing direction.
As you wouldn't be stopping and changing direction every 20m, I don't see how a treadmill would simulate a bleep test.

Anyway, it starts at 8.5kph and increases by 0.5kph every minute.

You'd be much better off finding a 20m piece of the planet and downloading an mp3 of the test.
Thanks all - I was after something different to do on the treadmill - I know it is not quite the same but.....

What is the current green level for a bloke just the better side of 40?

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