TRB Cyprus - Anyone from 2 RRF Help me out?!

Hello guys, My unit (2 PWRR) is off to Cyprus in March, and assuming the role of TRB come June! Bassically i'm looking for abit of gen on how 2 RRF's Recce Pl has been used on Op's as i'm from my Bn's Recce Pl also.
I don't want specific's, this being an open forum and all, I just want to know if Recce are being used as Recce, because its f*cking frustrating training to do something that isn't actually going to be employed! Have you been getting recce taskings on deployment or are you being used as additional Rifle Coy troops?
It'd be nice to get abit of an insight from the horses mouth and even though our Bn may do things slightly different, It'll enable me to provide a decent much needed heads up to the lads!
I bumped into two lads from 2 RRF conducting a "recce" of the Fantasy Boat Party in Ayia Napa this summer.
On all the deployments that Fsp (D Coy) went on Reece Pl pl was deployed as a normal rifle Pl. It is the nature of TRB that when deployed you go in Rifle coy groups and not as a specialist Pl. Hope this answers your question some.
Alternatively ask your CoC to have a Gin Party with their CoC and get the gen.

Or phone them direct.
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