Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by CivPlod, Apr 26, 2012.

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  1. Are trawls for "volunteers" specific to regions? I.e Welsh units trawl units in Wales and the south west etc?

    I ask because, I'm sitting desperate to go on either Herrick(preferably) or Tosca, can't get on anything, yet every-time I'm in Grantham I meet other (junior) drivers who are being asked weekly if they want to go on either tour and are not "volunteering".

    I'm not in an RLC unit, which make me wonder of that's why I'm dipping out.
  2. Obviously it's a case of who you know !!! There was a recent 'trawl' for any TA who happen to be civvy bill to deploy on Herrick as Mentors for the Policing team, I got the email forwarded to me from a mate who has a staff post in Div! I suspect a lot of requests do not get passed on by Psao's / PSI's for whatever reason !!!! When I get on my laptop I'll PM you with the last trawl, if you are as your name suggests civ bill ;-)
  3. Send that my way as well chum, cheers.
  4. Sounds grand.
    Pm sent.
  5. PM's and emails sent. ;-)
  6. TOSCA has been RLC led for the last few years apart from when the various TA units have headed it up. Don't know what rank you are but would have thought it simple enough to get something if your Pte- JNCO??
  7. Tosca.... Hardly really a tour
  8. Yawn. Maybe not but that is what the op asked about.
  9. Basically unless your RMP TA they wont even consider using you on Op Tours as PMAG, what a load of c*ck! I don't want to be a TA monkey, but do want to use the skills I have as a civie cop on tour, typical fcuking train set mindset.
  10. I've just finished with PMAG only saw one civ cop the whole time I was there!
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  11. Maybe so, but I'm a serving Cpl with a TA unit as well, but have been told that unless I'm a TA monkey I'll be no use to PMAG. I dunno, maybe 8 years doing CT and COIN policing wouldn't really be much use, but surely the traffic direction and control class I done in the Depot might be useful!?!?!? LOL!! short sighted? maybe. Trainset? fcuking defo!!
  12. Someone is pulling your chain as that's bollocks!