Trawlermen - new series

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Lucky_Jim, Jun 18, 2007.

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  1. I've just watched the first in a new series of 'Trawlermen'. It follows the fortunes of a few fishing boats working out of Peterhead.

    Mountainous seas, ice, gales, the risk of sinking because the nets have snagged on the sea floor, sleep deprivation... the list of hazards goes on and on. And no guarantee that the trip will bring in enough cash to even cover the fuel costs.

    As with the last series about these remarkable men, I was left speechless with admiration at how they can face all that and still remain cheerful. Absolute diamonds.
  2. So it's nothing to do with the vast amounts of cash they can make then?

    Does this series have sub titles as well?
  3. Good first programme, the hardships, the deprivation and the bad weather all brought to a stunning end when the skippers wife turned up in a new BMW. Yes its subtitled, I had a a couple of double takes on what was being said even with them.
  4. I am a fish biologist and you have to be on these vessels (and others like them) to realise just what a scary, sh!tty job it is... at least I can escape back to the lab or office once my study is finished. I have a similar level of respect for commercial fishermen (in terms of the job they do) as I do for the lads and lasses of the UK armed forces... they also enjoy a beer or two :D
  5. Hard working chaps indeed. That said I would gladly brave mountainous seas, ice, gales, storms etc in order to escape from Peterhead - a god forsaken hole of a town.
  6. Haven't seen the programme, but since reading 'Trawler' by Redmond O'Hanlon I have nothing but admiration for these truly brave men. In that particular (non-fiction) book, the skipper literally had to put to sea even when most other fisherman would not (Force 11, gusting Force 12) because of his £2 million overdraft to pay for his trawler. Isn't it statistically the most dangerous job there is?
  7. Not part of this series, but i once watched a programme on crab fishermen in the Baring Straights... fcuk me - more nails than Screwfix
  8. I saw this prog, having been a bit of a sailor in the past and spent most of it hanging over the rail heaving my ring up I don't understand how anyone can become accustomed to it enough to be able to gut fish in high seas
  9. The Irish guy who is always moaning - would you eat a sandwich that he has prepared - me thinks not....I bet his crew mates hate him - must admit tho it is compulsive watching - why I do not know but it is..
  10. I watched this last night. There was a similar series about the Alaskan Fishermen on Sky last year that was gripping. Can't remember its name but well worth catching..hehe, if repeated :)
  11. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Alaskan snow crab fishermen - for insurance purposes they are rated at 10 times higher risk than the trawlermen shown on the programme on the BBC.

    Big money though, as long as they live to cash the cheque