Trawl for November

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by Kitmarlowe, Aug 15, 2012.

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  1. Maybe your PSAO could fill in the blanks? But that's not why you posted is it? You wanted to post the phrase SF

  2. Nah.....I have an aversion to SF...and that's all the detail the PSAO has.
  3. Oi Bigtime! How about go to your chain of command for info on your tour attached to UKSF instead or going online and asking anyone and everyone about it, Screw the nut.
  4. If you had learnt to read and think you'd have noticed that I'd already said that my CoC has passed on what little info they have. You'd also notice that I'd asked for PM replies. If you'd thought (tricky I know) you might have wondered if I was going to pull the thread once I had info.

    But no, it's easier to just scribble......
  5. Thanks for that and well done on the belated editing however! I did read it and I still believe you have more suitable ways of finding out what your tour is likely to involve in terms of duties etc than asking on a Internet forum even if your asking for replies via PM! Not exactly very secure is it? I am no PS or OPSEC nazi and obviously neither are you! Why would I ask if you were going to pull the thread after you had your replies? I mean WTF is the point after god knows how many people have seen it and any half decent computer geek could still find it after you've "pulled it" as has been proven in the past if you have a good working knowledge of computers, Internet forums Facebook etc it is easy to target someone no matter how random the username login details etc are so considering who you are/were potentially deploying in support of (deleted it now, wonder how many seen it though!) I would think you would have been more switched on!

    Here is a idea ask your CoC to call the relevant higher command formation for a up to date briefing on your future tasking.

    Another idea the task force you maybe working for will brief you face to face as and when/if you mobilize.

    Or like your initial post suggests deploy as a camp rat watch keeper and take on further tasks as and when they are delegated to you.

    I would assume that as the OP mentioned the watch keeper role that you are a SNCO or Officer? If so Imagine your thoughts if someone else pointed this thread out to you in the mess and mentioned how stupid the thread is in terms of security both personal and OPSEC.

    Just a few ideas for you but yep your right it is easier to scribble so to that end take yourself into the corner and have a word with yourself about big timing it and dropping the I am deploying with the SF bomb left right and centre. Laters Andy......ya FUD