Travis AFB incident

Sounds like a poor effort at a terrorist attack...
Sounds like a poor effort at a terrorist attack...
Reports on TV here said the driver ignited the gas as he approached the gate. Not much to damage there. If he had rammed through and blown up near planes or major facilities it would have been worse. News also said they have the identity of the individual but have not released the name. Amazing they have an identity as the driver must have been a crispy critter by the time they had the fire out.

BTW - Travis is in northern California, sort of halfway between San Francisco and Sacramento , maybe 50 miles from each
Sounds like what happened to the muppets who attacked Glasgow Airport a few years ago, with a Jeep that was too big to get in the terminal building and bounced off of the door frames, and with gas bottles that didn't explode. Though I doubt this guy got hoofed in the groin by a Glaswegian baggage handler.

As for the i.d? You can get DNA from reaally marginal cases in terms of burned corpses. Though the speed of this one could mean that the authorities have got proof of his i.d from elsewhere.
Apparently the deceased is named Hafiz Kazi who emigrated to the US from India in 1992. Not much else is known about him to the media although some news articles said he was a taxi driver. Nothing has been said as to any ties to terrorism or what his religious persuasion might be.
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