Travian - Anyone still play?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Chap_in_black, Feb 18, 2009.

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  1. Speed 3x has been up for a week or so but i've not spotted any ARSE at all..

    Did we all stop playing or give up after the last few games?

    If anyone still plays pm me in-game, i'm in NW.


  2. I tried playing on the last x3 game but as a newbie and once my 'protection' time was up I was attacked sometimes every 10 mintues by the same person and had no chance to learn and enjoy the game I gave up
  3. Yes, although following the last ukx server and a few 'incidents' ARRSE as an Alliance has taken a step back at the moment. Players are still active though and in the NW (-xx/xx) and SE Quadrants (xx/-xx).

    Chap_in_black I will contact you in game (Aj).
  4. Against my better judgement Mr Hudson is again playing travian
  5. Is everyone who runs an alliance in this game 10?
  6. Yes, server 1 in SW and a member of 80's alliance. Slower game but still quite enjoyable.....
  7. I am on all servers and its still a bit slow
  8. same reason i gave up on it. had no chance against the guys hitting me all the time
  9. Don't know why, but I have just jumped in. PM sent.
  10. Server 5 is still very strong, most people are trying to gain a life again on ukx, and are having a break for this time round, back in the autum.
  11. I'm back playing ukx
  12. I'm on there, on 5 also
  13. see above for guys with no life :twisted:
  14. Anyway, Im robbers dog ;)
  15. Sitting this round out and doing RL stuff. Will be back for the winter server.