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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by sf2bison1, May 16, 2008.

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  1. I am not as experience I guess as most players,

    Please can you put below and good guides for the game you may have found on your web surfing 8)
  2. Go away.
  3. Oh great. We've been invaded by 'Games Workshop'. :roll:

    I'm scared. Lots of 'Warhammer' fans wearing 'Black Sabbath' T shirts, lots of piercings and a note from their mum.

    Quick. Bolt all the doors, hammer large pieces of crooked wood against all the servers!
  4. This link may be of some help to you LINK

  5. Or this one;

    Another link
  6. i know on here we get some funny replies but that my sire was in the top-fukin-shelf category!!
  7. If you know, you know. If you don't, you don't. Simple as that really. ;)

    Oh and its 100% confirmed as usual..... :roll:

    How many usernames now? 90+. I should let Norris McWhirter know.
  8. The signature block tends to give it away most of the time.
  9. As do the pm's;

    The funny thing is, I've not replied to it but it seems to be holding a convo with me via my pm box without me being involved. I suppose I'm a sort of surrogate idiot.
  10. It amazes me me'lud, that everytime it comes back, it seems to hold the same conversations with itself.
    Next thing you know, that cnut Nathan will be back with his finger up chubs hoop, or vice versa.
    All things considered though, the warmer weather seems to have brought all manner of mongs out to play.
    It must be the increased amount of ice cream vans around.

    Oh and incase I forgot. Chubb, you're a spacktard.
  11. I bet WeeGit is a fat knacker who thinks that computer games burns calories. GET OUT ON THE ROAD, YOU FAT FUCK!
  12. S'funny you should say that;


    The only road she should get out on is the M4 at about 1650hrs.
  13. If theres one good thing about chubb coming back, its all the pictures that re-appear :D
    Oooo ooo have you got the 'mong tours' one to hand? :D
  14. :D
    Thats the badger!

    God cant you tell I'm bored :roll: