Travelling with Weapons

Discussion in 'ACF' started by SantaSpud, Dec 8, 2011.

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  1. Hi just wondering what qualifications Would be needed by an AI to take cadets and weapons down to a civi run competition. (appropriate references would be welcomed).

    Thanks in advance SS
  2. Which one? Air rifle, no. 8, etc?
  3. L81 target rifle
  4. What you mean you can't check in guns as luggage at the airline desk in this country? ;P
  5. In the seem of your sock or tucked in your underpants elastic.
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  6. Should have elaborated transport will be via minibus and I just wanted to know if this is a problem or is some sort of authorisation reqd.
  7. Yes authorisation is required...

    If your ACF then you won't get to draw the weapons without the correct paperwork.

    Your CAA will advise you and it tends to be the QM that gives you the paperwork to confirm you are carrying them.

    Similar with ammo, but you can't carry both together...

    The references you need will be with the QM.
  8. I remember the good old days of travelling through East London with a bus full of spotty CCF "troops" with the luggage compartment full of .303 Lee Enfields and boxes of ammo.

    That was back in the 70's so Mr Paddy would have loved to have got his hands on them!!

    Always amazed me that there was an apparent lack of security with cadets weapons.
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  9. That brought back a few memories from that time! It is amazing how many rifles you could fit in the back of a mini estate- though we did have run strict blanket security.

    A blanket went on top.
  10. And I thought we were bad. At least we put the No 4s in one vehicle and the ammunition in another, and didn't have them move in convoy together.

    As things got dodgier with PIRA, we took to putting the bolts in a separate vehicle.

    Eventually we had to empty our amoury of all but but the DP weapons and put them in the Tower. Feckin Micks, spoiling our fun!
  11. I believe the rules are:

    Weapons signed out by authorised person, two qualified intructors (SIs - SAA not required for escort) in the vehicle (assuming less than 30 weapons) - ammo in second vehicle, also 2-up.
    I believe you can get away with only one with the ammo if that person is correctly qualified (think county staff can do this)

    I also believe there is meant to be a sign carried in case you break down to notify police you are carrying weapons.

    Could be wrong though - normally the DC deals with the rules, I just sit there as escort :D
  12. You wouldn't have a sign saying you have weapons...That's a security risk on it's own...

    But I believe the Police forces you are traveling through are to be notified with the details, wpns, vehicle
  13. Apparantly it's a sign to be used if you break down, to notify passing coppers to stop (along with the panicky call to the local plod saying "I've broken down with weapons ") - not seen it as it has never been in the vehicle when we pick it up...
  14. LANDSO 2901 will give you all the information you want but basically:

    under 10 weapons - one vehicle, driver plus escort
    Up to 50 weapons - two vehicles, driver and escort in each
    Over 50 weapons - police and land get involved.
    You need authority to move them and a sign marked FAO Police with information on the back of it.

    All this null and void if weapons are issued individually. Cadets can not act as an escort, pretty sure escorts need to be security cleared.

    Hope that helps...
  15. 1980s a certain junior officer turned up with his car boot full of slr's a couple of gpmgs and tons of blank pyro.
    Our Cadet MAJ also ta major went berserk phoned the adj of the regiment.
    Was even more angry when "the cav replied he's a good chap I'm sure he'll bring them back on monday" :)