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One of the selling points of the army is how they say you can see more of the world. I was wondering what destinations these include. Does it depend where you go with what job you do. For example one lad I spoke to who's in the RE said he went Jordan for 6 weeks for anti IED training (obviously not the real name for it, so point and laugh at the civvy). Then i've heard others say they've been to Canada and Belize. Does the British Army still do exercises in these places?

I'm currently travelling the world right now. It's one of my life ambitions along with joining the army. Which I plan to do when I finish my travels. Either RE or Infantry. Just wondering if people could tell me what more the army has to offer on this front. Cheers.
Yes I have. But I can't find a simple list of specific locations. Maybe i'm just being a complete licker of windows and will look again. But in the mean time, if someone would like to do their good deed for the day and answer the thread at hand then it would be much appreciated.
The opportunities for travel are now very restricted in today's Army. Gone are the days when you could get posted to Hong Kong, Singapore and other exotic places. Germany, once the mainstay, is drawing down. Cyprus tours, depending on what you are going to do, are becoming limited. However, yes they still train at BATUS (British Army Training Unit Suffield) in Canada. This may take on more significance in the future as Germany winds down due to the Army needing wide open spaces to drive their "little tanks" on. Belize still has a very limited Training Unit which is undergoing changes as we speak. Whether that continues as a jungle training centre is anyones guess. Of course, operations continue in Afghanistan and are likely to for at least a few more years. The Falkland Islands are still there as are training units in Kenya and military assistant posts to Sierra Leone.
Most of the posts, though, are for 6 months to a year or even less. The old days of long, 3 year, postings to these places are either a thing of the past or very, very rare. I served for 30 years and, apart from training courses, spent it all overseas, mainly Cyprus but also Germany, Salalah, Belize and FI with the odd bit of adventure training in Singapore.
Yes, there are still opportunities for travel. Travel for sightseeing is a wee bit rare now.
Thanks exbleep. Yeah, i'm aware it's probably not the same as it was a few years ago. Will probably be getting less and less as the years go on and our forces become less significant to the world. But even then it will be a lot more varied than any office job can provide ay.
some of my mates in 2 rifles have just not long ago come back from kenya and a couple from 5 rifles went to canada,so still chances to travel.and they have only been in about a year now.

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