Travelling via London Bridge, Cannon Street, Charing Cross or Victoria on Tuesday?

Well this should fill you with dread:

"On Tuesday 10th July, Olympic rehearsals will be taking place all day at London Bridge, Cannon Street, Charing Cross and Victoria stations. Train times remain the same. However:

Stations will be rehearsing crowd control measures

London Bridge will implement a queuing system

So in addition to the usual indignities, expect to be kettled. Oh and make no sudden moves

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Are the olympics not over yet? Thank **** I live in the home counties where it only wasted 0 hours of my time. Luckily the thing went past when I was in work.
Well I can see it working well at London Bridge, I wrote to HSE back in 08 about the issue of overcrowding. That place is a disaster waiting to happen as is Waterloo East.
You think that's bad,check out the 'Revised' HS1 service from Kent,during the Olympics.

No HS1 from Dover,or Folkestone,all HS1 starting,and terminating at Ashford,and only one train per hour,as they are using,HS1 trains to shuttle between,Ebbsfleet (in the middle of ******* nowhere),Stratford (Olympic Park),and St Pancras,and reverse.

All Season Ticket holders,have been told they will be reimbursed,niiiiice! :wink:
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