Travelling to Wathgill via train

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Park Life, Dec 27, 2012.

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  1. Anyone got a clue where the nearest railway station is to Wathgill camp? Never travelled up there before.
  2. If it's up near Catterick, the closest station will be Northallerton.
  3. Thanks mate
  4. Cock.
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  5. By train you will want to be getting off at Darlington. You could then get a taxi to Wathgill or the cheaper option of a bus to Catterick then taxi on to Wathgill. Unless there is duty transport laid on from Darlington to Wathgill (depending on your reason for travel).

  6. Wathgill in January.

    Holy ****.
  7. Yeah it's nicer on the ranges in February.
  8. Don't go on t'moors.
  9. Cheers, no duty transport likely as I'm the only bod arriving by public transport. Reckon it'll have to be a taxi cos I'm in not liking the alternative of a twenty mile tab!
  10. The X26 or X27 bus from outside Darlo station will get you a bit closer.

    Bus services in Richmond (North Yorkshire) - Summary

    They only let one dog on at a time though, unless they're on a blind date.
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  11. I can think of many a humorous comment in reply to your post, but I really fancy my testicles staying in one piece

  12. Long story......