Travelling to Reading

Discussion in 'Travel' started by Dwarf, Nov 11, 2007.

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  1. I'm on a flying visit to the UK on Friday (16/11) to meet up with a couple of old mates.
    We will be in Reading which is an unknown quantity for us all. I would like to get in touch with my Inner-Briton and have planned to ingest a fair quantity of fine ales and curry.
    Can anybody recommend a good curry house and watering-hole, real ale for preference.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Mate, the town centre is a seething cess pool of booze and vice, its great! Theres so many bars about, either head for the Oracle Centre end of town or Friar Street is near enough all full of pubs, grub wise theres a few restaurants within the Oracle or if you want a good old Nepalese meal go to The Standard

    Good Luck

    just read your pref for real ale, loads of choice: BEER!
  3. Big thanks for all that, that is me set for the weekend then, and looking forward to it. If you see A greying-haired shortarse in the company of a greying-haired giant, both belching vindaloo and beer fumes with contented smiles, that will be me and my mate.

    Edit 4 speling
  4. Ooops thought this was someone asking for directions to the library
  5. Reading: chav central.

    If you are able (i.e. you have a person who is willing to go without booze) then head out of town to one of the many small old villages near Reading and go to a proper boozer and have a true taste of England.

    my favourite place is The Bull at Barkam (not The Bull at Arbourfield). Fantastic beer and superb food (good honest English pub food but made with the best ingredients: no frozen muck).

    Reading my post maybe you are better heading off into Reading and fúcking a few chavs: might improve the local gene pool (average IQ in reading is about 17).
  6. Thanks, may well do as mate 2 is coming from Newbury by car, but we will put it to the vote. Perhaps the re-education of chavs could be entertaining.
  7. for an all in one place decent night, Jongleurs is a good bet
  8. Thanks Ferret, but what is it?
    My mate is on a course at the hospital which he can actually fail so can't go for the heavy night out, and all of us having hit the first half-century have slowed up a bit.
    Still will do our best and try not to let down the Old regiment, and in one case the Corps.

    follow the links to Reading

    Great night out, many a troop leaving do in here...

    food, beer, comedians and a fair decent nightspot all in one place
  10. Try the HobGoblin in the centre of town on 2 Broad St.

    Probably the Best Range of Ales in the World....Ever no shiitting

    Be wary of two lesbianistic barmades. Grumbly were they and refused to serve us after it got to a certain point...

    But the ale range is top notche
  11. Seconded if Real Ale is your thing then The Hobgoblin is a must:


    Jongleurs is a guranteed cracking night out and there is an excellent curry house (the name escapes me) opposite the church behind John Lewis. Be very wary of the Purple Turtle and The Fez Club.
  12. Gentlemen,

    Thank-you to all for your trouble. Hobgoblin was pencilled in a couple of days ago but is now a must-do and on the definite list.
    Will probably be arriving at station around 18.30 Friday if all goes well, and have arranged to RV with mates in 3 Guineas from that time on. Will vote democratically and move on probably to HG and thence for a curry maybe to the Standard Nepalese. (Bit wary as I don't fancy being Kukried if I have to complain about the meal).
    If you are in those locations look for 3 greying fellas, one really short and one really big, identify yourselves and claim a pint.

    Have been working on my personal vindaloo battle drills:
    Alternate movements of nan and rice,
    Raita in reserve, on call at-my-command in case objective needs further softening-up before the final assault and clearing of the objective.
    Regroup with ale.

    Thanks again, am now off to pack and do last minute stuff as I won't have time tomorrow.
  13. Thanks to everyone.
    Weekend was better than good, just three good mates and no wives.
    Took it quiet as mate no.1 was on a course and had to work during the day.
    Did Hobgoblin, Crown on the Bridge, and the Griffin. Standard Nepalese and the Thai restaurant next to the Griffin.
    Thanks for the suggestions and the help.
  14. The town centre in Reading has more fighting than a Pikey's wedding.
  15. Nothing like a quite night out:

    bish bash bosh