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Having just put in some leave for easter and been told by the Sqn Clk that it did not qualiy for travelling time I have done some digging and come up with a Unit policy that states you must take 10 days leave to get your traveling time, can anyone shed some light on this????
As it used to stand, if your leave (over 2 weeks) starts on a Mon and finishes on a Fri, the weekend is viewed as travelling time. You would want to extend your leave by 1-2 days and one or both ends to get travelling time.

The rules were changing just as I was leaving and I vaguely recall that travelling time was no longer an entitlement and was down to individual unit COs - this may have just been for grants however, I can't recall the guidance exactly. So the above may no longer work.
In my last unit if you went back to the UK for any amount of time and lived south of a line east west of Dundee then you got one day travelling time if you live north of that line than you get two days. this place states you must take 10 days to get it?
A weekend counting as travelling time - sounds like something the unit just made up. Unless you are actually on duty on a Sun or Sat then you should not be allowed to start and stop your leave on a Mon and Fri respectively.

Travelling time is not a right but a concession which can be added to leave entitlement. Personally I used to always include it (along with 24 hr passes) when counting up a soldiers leave days. Really it just depends on your unit (or more likely whoever does your leave :) So don't piss them off)

BTW there are some other 2 day places such as the Channel Islands - (had a bloke who came from there once).

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