Travelling in East Africa on motorbike - Advice?

Discussion in 'Travel' started by muzungu_marlow, Jan 23, 2010.

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  1. Plan is to leave Tanzania, head south, then follow lake Victoria in Uganda, south again to Rwanda, Burundi then back through uganda, to Niarobi, back down to Tanzania. Anyone done something similar? Offer a choice of bike, kit etc?
  2. Think Ewan McGregor and his mate did something fairly similar :) Sorry mate, can't offer anything helpful but good luck, I'm more than a tad jealous.
  3. Your first step is to get onto
    It is the bible when it comes to overland motorcycle travel. The best book I have come across is Adventure Motorcycling Handbook by Chris Scott.

    Do you have a bike currently? In Africa I would always opt for lightness and simplicity over comfort and performance and soft luggage over hard.

    If you want any further info get in touch.
  4. Take plenty of vaseline
  5. To the Adventure Show? :D
  6. tell me about it, crotch rot, is not my friend. Thanks lads, the site mentioned is exactly what Im looking for.
  7. Adventure Rider Forum ( ADVrider )

    UKGSER BMW riders forum.....under the GS travellers and travel advice forum

    Horizons Unlimited

    In those forums you will find ride reports from people who have done what you want to do, are doing it now or planning to.

    Bike advice, tool advice, documentation, visas, tools, medical, insurance and riding all the other things you need.The Horizons Unlimited forum is especially helpful with a lot of those boys and girls classed as hard-core round the world riders.

    If you start a discussion about what bike to ride, be prepared for blood to be drawn and the argument to go on for weeks.....quite simply, any motorcycle is capable of going round the world. I am actually following the blog of an American chap who has just reached china on a HD cruiser.

    Obviously some bikes are more suited to the task than others.A big thing is to not get drawn into all this " Adventure Bike " cliche where apparently only fully specced BMW 1200 GS Adventures ( £13,000 ) or KTM Adventures ( £12,000 ) are the only bikes sutiable.

    A pure road bike is sutiable for most trips as they can be used on tracks as such...if you intend to go off-road which is what you are looking at in the proposed route, then a Dual-Purpose bike would be more sensible perhaps.....something like a Suzuki DR650 or a Kawasaki KLR650....both older,robust and totally proven bikes.

    This is the one I used to travel Australia last year.

    And the rather fetching Turquoise and white old BMW is the one I am uisng now.

    Be delighted to help with any questions you need answering if I can.

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  8. I appear to be a mong with computers....hopefully here is the BMW I use now, Its old but easily repaired and reliable.

    Been modified for long range travel and has proved to be a pleasure for trips...Just my experience and preference maybe, but I do favour Older and proven bikes rather than the new ones.

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  9. I should get my directions right from the off (South from Tanzania to lake Victoria?). The main roads are very good but the occasional vast pothole can kill you, as can the busses which whip along sideways. Your greatest risk is your security. Don't touch the local lovelies, either. Make sure you've got a get-home-quick card; you wouldn't like the hospitals.
  10. theres a guy that did it on a R1
  11. I am jealous! What an adventure.

    The only advice I have, and I haven't done the trip, is in relation to what a friend told me after doing a similar trip a few years ago. Like you he did a bike trip, and somewhere in Central Africa something flew up his nose even though he had a full helmet. To cut a long story short, he became very ill, not only that, but this insect/bug was having a good old chew on the cartlidge of his nose. He survived, and the insect was removed. The specialist in Jo'burg told him it was always adviseable to wear a mask whilst riding.

    Shame really, he used to be a good looking guy! Now we all call him 'Punch', for obvious reasons. So do yourself a favour and get a mask, and have a brilliant trip.
  12. Is that a V-victory marking on your pannier?
  13. samm1551

    samm1551 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    I am sooooo jealous. Although DH and I are talking about doing something similar when he retires. Hope you have a fab time.