travelling in basic

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Wen i woz at purbrite me an the possy fluw to beleeze on eccersize with the es-eff and then when we woz thinisshed we went to bellise were we drove tanks an stuff and me crew was well pleesed coz we got are and are in burmuda on the way home init

Too much?

I've over-cooked it havent I?

When I was on the staff at Pirbright (admittedly a few years ago now), the furthest the troops travelled was to North Devon on Adventurous Training (hill walking, canoeing etc). You'll probably find that in the majority of cases tactical exercises take place on the doorstep of the unit (eg, Pirbright do (or at least did) all of their exercises on the ex area surrounding Ash ranges (a short tab out the back gate (still managed to get quite a sweat on though)).

You may be lucky and pick up a battlefield tour to France or similar. Unless that sort of thing is part of the curriculum now, you might do that sort of thing between courses at Phase 2.
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