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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Minty_82, Jan 27, 2009.

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  1. I am currently in phase two and will be getting to my reg in April if all goes to plan
    I own my own home 28 miles away from where I will be based
    My girlfriend is expecting and lives with me will i be able to move home and travel to work when I get to my reg even if I am just a pte?
  2. prob not for the first few months, you need the co's permission first.
  3. Yeah thats what i thought take it they will not take my age in to consideration as im 26 :D
  4. Send the CO and your immediate boss an introduction letter explaining your circumstances. You never know they might say yes.

    Not sure if you will be entitled to Home To Duty Travel, I'm sure one of the Pay Guru's will let you know..
  5. I nicely, well written letter, possibly with the help of your troop staffie or OC to the CO may make things easier. I'm pretty sure your age will be taken into account. The fact that your missus is due your child should seal it.
  6. If granted permission you will get HTD (Private), automated if you make over 15 journey's per month, manual claim if not, you are not entitled to Get You Home Travel Allowance if you are denied as your private house is under 50 miles from duty station.
  7. is she common law wife, fiancee? reason being you may get pressurised to do the right thing, especially if you have a god fearing CO who doesnt want his soldiers to live in sin etc...
  8. Do you know something, I was thinking the very same thing. I just thought that we'd moved on from all that but probably not.

    It may be an idea to mention in the letter your need to be at home at this delicate time to assist with the 'ahem' wedding arrangement .

  9. yeah we have been living in sin for a wile now better make an honest woman of her one day :D

    what is HTD that longjohnsilver posted about?
  10. Home to duty
  11. Im like the wedding arrangement thing in the letter ill remember that one
    thanx for the help :lol:
  12. I wouldn't mention anything about wedding arrangements in your letter if you are not planning to go down that route, just be straight, that way you can't be caught out! I would mention the fact hat you are 26 and in a long term relationship (I assume that is the case) partner expecting etc.