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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by mayen, Nov 24, 2008.

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  1. I know the travelling distance question has been asked before (proof that the search function DOES work ). I am currently at a TA unit that I'm not particularly enjoying. I'd like to transfer to 104 Regt RA which is over the 50 mile limit. As has been answered in the other thread I gather this is not a strict rule. My question is as there are a lot of units in my area am I likely to find it difficult to get approval for the transfer to 104 Regt?

    Also I'd like to have a good idea of what to expect before I put in for a transfer so can anyone tell me what TUAV operators do on parade nights? I.e is it classroom based learning, actual training with TUAVs, mix of the two, etc?

    And finally, where is the phase 2 training held for RA units?

  2. Would phone 104 and ask them, but still a long journey especially after weekends. Would look for something nearer Worcester
  3. 104 is the closest RA unit to me
  4. msr

    msr LE

    My BC does a 216 mile round trip (appropriately enough) so it should not be an issue.

  5. Thanks MSR.
  6. I know a guy in a different bty to me who travels from birmingham to southampton once a month for parade nights and for the weekends. One lad in our bty used to travel from manchester and that was authorised.
  7. I think it depends on the unit budget to some extent. I had heard that they would pay up to 50 miles. I suppose over that you just pay the difference. Worth giving them a ring.
  8. If I travel from work each week then it will be under the 50 miles so hopefully it won't be a problem.

    Thanks for the info Ben.
  9. I've not heard of it being enforced. In my time I've had 70 miles as my travel claim (but I only attended weekends - was using public transport). It is obviously more justifiable when you have more rank.
  10. I am interested in joining the TA in a year or so..but I live in Scotland. The 104 regt is the most appealing to me as I am very interested in operating the UAC. This may be a stupid question but is it possible to attend the tuesday night in one regt and the monthly one on another? Or, does anyone know if the national units have any training in the unmanned air crafts? I know they are more specialist but I did watch a video recently which said that it's changing and it is becoming possible to train in something new as a specialist also.

  11. I currently have a 254 miles round trip every fortnight and at least once a week.
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  12. Have you looked at 105 in Edinburgh?
  13. I haven' they do the unmanned aircrafts? That seems to be calling out to me as what I am most keen on, although something else IT and intelligence related is also appealing. Thanks, I will go have a look now.
  14. Oh right, yes I have looked at them but I don't think they offer training in MUAVs or UMAVs in general...although do correct me if I am wrong as this would be perfect.
  15. Have a look at 2 Sig Sqn in Dundee/Aberdeen, they do IT/comms with balloons.