Travelling as a VM

Discussion in 'REME' started by BennnY, Oct 20, 2006.

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  1. Had an interest for a while with becoming a VM but the only thing that puts me off is being based in the UK or Germany, is it generally the case or do you get moved around all over the world?

    Would like to know really.

  2. where u thinkin bout bein posted like?
  3. Well no-where in particular. I'm just wondering what the scope for being posted over the world is like?
  4. well like with most there is scope to go to cyprus, canada etc, slots in these areas are obviously limited, most postings will be UK and Germany. i think we can all dream though eh :D
    sorry i cant help anymore than that
  5. As a VM you will get to go all over the world if thats what you want.

  6. Only if you become a B mech, as a A mech it pains me to say it but you get all the good postings.
  7. All over the world, lets see now, Germany or Uk thats all ive had, and every time i put a pref posting in Cyprus then Canada are on the top. Its luck of the draw belive me.
  8. My expereince tells me that the posting is importent, but more so are the tours you get.

    I had 4 postings:


    But out of all that I travelled to:

    Bavaria X3 (Snow Queen)
    NI x2
    Gulf (first time)

    Plus all over the Uk and Germany.

    You pay your money you take your chance.

    Ask yourself what you are trying to acheive?

    If you want to travel and see the world the Army may not be for you as you can see a whole lot more if you do it yourself. Buy a ticket and a bergan and get walking if you want to travel as the Army may train you and send you to Hohne for 3 years, trust me, not the travelling you want to do.

    If you have any more questions just post them here, either I or somebody else will answer them just balance the answers as everyone has had a different expereince.

    Think about it before you join otherwise you could be very dissapointed and bitter towards the army but thats becasue your expectations were too high.

    Although travel isnt everything learning about yourself and other people is a massive part about joining up.
  9. Whats the life like?

    I've got the opportunity to go into the AAC or train as a VM. The VM gives me more qualifications and scope for different jobs after the Armed forces but if I'm in some hell hole in the UK with dirty pits, shit people and crap work, I'm not going to want to commit a length of my life to it.

    So far the AAC is on top but it leaves me with no qualifications of any use when I go onto civvie street 12 years or so down the line. Not something I want to worry about at 30 years of age.
  10. dont think 12 years
    think 3 years
    if you dont like it leave you have lost nothing
    the life, after the training is what you make it, good people, hard work and good times
    there are plenty of threads on what army life is like just find them and make your own mind up
    the guys on this site have done some serious service time and can be rather jaded and look at life very differently then you may so mix and match and make a plan
    get a plan get ahead

    what have you to loose, your current life sounds shti
    you have a choice do something about it or not
    like i say 3 years is nothing if you dont like it do your time an go back to your current life
    whats the worse that can happen
    appart from being shot
  11. Right well its all up to me now, there's one last question really.

    What rank will I be after fully trained? Wondered as I'm just wondering about the rates of pay
  12. cook is right its what you make it, although you must be prepared to serve time in UK and germany, UK the majority go home at weekends, whereas in germany you will spend most of your weekends in LAD, SQN bars getting smashed and stumbling aroung town at 6 in the morning looking for a gyros shop. ive served 3 postings in germany now, its not as bad as people say. just be aware if you are lucky enough to get a sunshine posting it might well be your only one!
  13. after training as a VM you will be the high rank of Craftsman :D depending on how good you are promotion can be anything from 1-4 yrs away
  14. The mighty and generaly underated post of Craftsman.
    only slightly higher then snake %ollocks.
  15. So what is the pay for that then?

    Don't want to sound like I'm just in it for money but obviously that has to be a priority.