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What are the rules regarding travelling abroad/being away from home for extended periods of time? I've got a summer free from work and thinking of skipping the country for a while unless something turns up. Obviously it's polite to let them know that you won't be in for a while but aside from that is there any official action required? I'm just thinking of them having difficulty serving mobilisation notices.

Additionally is it possible to take 'time off' from the TA? IE remain on books with rank, free of mobilisation, etc but have the career on hold for half a year or so? Obviously skill fade is an issue, but it's only really 13.5 MTD's.
1. Rules for travelling abroad:

You can travel almost anywhere you want, for as long as you want provided you check a few details. There is a list of 'restricted' countries that you are supposed to request permission to travel in. You have to fill in a form and are not allowed to disclose your military connections, etc. I'm unsure how realistic this is, but check with your unit.

Remember, 'they' will not have difficulty in serving a mobilisation notice - you may have a problem receiving and therefore actioning any such notice. The 'I was travelling the world' excuse will not wash if you fail to turn up to RTMC.

2. Taking time off:

You can be placed on the unposted list. You will retain rank and should be free from mobilisation (check this as I'm not 100% sure). If memory serves, you can remain on the list for 2 years.

Best advice is to speak to your chain of command. PSAO / Adjt should be experts here. A few people I know have done this without problem. They spoke to PSAO before they left and sent us postcards every now and again.

Hope this helps. Enjoy the travelling.
Check your Unit role for CCRF. Even a holiday must be notified with regard to CCRF.

Technically you CANNOT take a 'Leave of Absence', however, if you talk things through with your Pl Comd (and normally OC), if you are going to be away for a known period of time, irritating letters and an administrative discharge can be avoided.

Basically tell them what you ARE GOING to do, they should be pleased that you have done them that courtesy. In the end it is manners. It helps the unit to plan.
There are two Unposted Lists (UPL) List A and List B.

List A is for those who wish to continue to train for bounty but not be attached to a specific unit.
List B carries no training liability.

You can be placed onto both lists for 12 months and this can be extended (with authority) to 24 months.

However, while on either UPL you are STILL liable for mobilisation.

Full details can be found in the TA Regulations 1978, Chapter 3, part 15. Check this link

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