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Travelling abroad whilst on license

He doesn't like being pointed in a sensible direction it seems; easy money with as less effort as it requires it seems, hence e-com has caught his mind seeing as how dealing again will land him back behind bars and dissapoint his father even more so

If that is your summery of him, he seems to be a waste of time, with no redeeming features, best let him fly solo, and let nature take its course, a possible candidate for the Darwin award?
He was tall. I was 6' 1" and he towered over me. The rest of our instructors were nearly all legends of that era. Ben Braine - platoon sgt, Barney Barnes, flash Parkinson to name but a few.
Ben Braine was a Platoon Sergeant when I was at depot in '68 - Barney Barnes severely injured his hand when he hung onto a primed Thunderflash too long to put the wind up a recruit squad. I heard that he ended up as a Sergeant Major.
I have decided to appoint myself your cousin's resettlement officer .

I've done some 'phoning round , and basically it's good news !

This firm will take him , but he must be candid about his past at his interview and not have any other outstanding warrants at the time of interview .

He will get plenty of foreign travel , and yes , they do ski and windsurf on R&R .

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