Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by danny842003, Jan 20, 2009.

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  1. Hi ive just come back off tour and am on leave until the end of next month. Hence why i am asking here.
    Im looking in to buying a house while on POTL and was just wondering how much aproximatly i would get in Get you home allowence, If i owned a property 320 miles away from my posting?

    Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. You could always buy a Mobile Home on one the UK's Residential Home Parks.
  3. Get a camper/RV and use any carpark, I do
  4. think youll be able to get a mortgage?
  5. What, for a camper van?
  6. Ive been accepted for a mortgage. Living up north i only need a mortgague of abotu 20 quid any way :) But seriously im 'ony' getting 65k and applying for lsap for the deposit. My tour money has cleared my debts for cars etc and left me a good chuck for fees other bits and bobs.
  7. lsap is not for a deposit, its to assist first time buyers with surveyors fees etc
  8. Good luck with the house/camper van.
  9. £217.31
  10. or get a river boat
  11. will you be travelling to your property at all during your posting or letting it?
  12. Really? 8.5k for surveyors fees? First ive heard of it. I know plenty of other people who have used it as a deposit.

    And yes i will be traveling to it.
  13. you obviously know it all if your friends have done it so why even ask?
  14. I asked about travellers. None of my friends live any where near here. Hence why i asked!!!!

  15. BiPolar, that was a bit unnecessary... You not getting any?