Travellers? Not in our Back Yard... You C*nt 2 Jags lol

Gipsy camp at Labour Club

  • Good drills by the Pikeys? support them...

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  • Good drills by the Pikeys? yeah, but hey theyre still pikeys.. send the dogs in!!!

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  • CET - hatchdown, quick sweep of the carpark and oops, who put that club there?

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  • Come on down fella's space on my drive...

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GIPSIES have set up a new camp in the car park of a LABOUR club. 8) :lol:
The cavalcade of nine caravans moved in this week just as John Prescott :twisted: issued his edict to local authorities that they should let travellers squat illegally.
Members of the club in Crawley, West Sussex, are furious. And even though the council is Labour-run it is, defying the Deputy PM :roll: by launching a battle to boot the gipsies out.
An eviction notice has been issued :lol: — but the travellers have refused to budge. 8O

Anyone got a CET or 2 for hire??? Certain club in Crawley may be in the market :lol: :lol: :lol:

Link to the story:,,2-2005112991,00.html Ok Ok OK I know it's the 'scum' but hey, such a good laugh deserves airing :p

Any pikeys that camp in the carpark of a Neue Arbeit club are OK by me. Once they leave that place, they then return to being scum. But for the moment, Up The Pikeys!
Lets hope they bring in the rest of their families and take over the club itself.
2 jags wot a t*5t.
Of course this story is in the SCUM... who do you think gave them a load of cash to go there. That's what jurnos do. Wake up its close to an election and both the major parties and their supporters will be arranging this sort of stunt. THEY KNOW 90% OF THE POPULATION ARE TOO FCUKING THICK TO KNOW A PUT UP STORY WHEN THEY SEE ONE.......
the travellers are a problem
they exsist and until the BNP get a majority are going to exsist :evil:
SO what to do with them nobody wants a traveller site and there are not enough of them . If they try to buy land to build there own site they know theres no way they'd get planning permission more chance of getting permission for a nuclear waste site or a nonce hotel :?
so anybody got a legal idea of how to solve the problem i bet the gov would love to know. the scum isn't helping matters although if a few "innocent" caravan owners get it as well thats a bonus :twisted:

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