"Traveller" Family Convicted of Slavery

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Oddbod, Aug 11, 2017.

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  1. Pikeys enslave vulnerable men & steal stuff shock!

    Any bets on how many will turn up to be sentenced?
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  2. Eleven traveller family members convicted following slavery trials - BBC News
    My first question whenever I see these stories is "who on earth (okay it was a lot more colloquial Anglo-Saxon) is getting them to do their driveways" and I then read:
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  3. meerkatz

    meerkatz On ROPs

    Hi ho! Hi ho!
    Its off to Rathkeale we go!
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  4. Lovely, misunderstood people. It's their culture isn't it? :roll:
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  5. This prick is probably still Lumpy2'ing O.A.P.s.


    Was on the run, after skipping court dates for the above. Walked into Boots, took a coke out the fridge. Opened it and necked it in front of my uniformed colleague and me (Plain clothes SD) stood six feet away.
    Then swung at my colleague when told to pay.
    Shown the tiles and police called.
    Remanded then until put before the court.
    Thick as fück, he had 2 grand in readies in his pocket.
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  6. How much did he have in his pocket by the time he was handed over to the old bill?
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  7. I maintain if Hitler left the Jews alone and stuck to gassing pikeys nobody would have cared.
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  8. We had the gypsies in Oxford get done for slavery as well last year . Due to them being persecuted for this they dragged vans out into the road by there camp and daubed them in anti-police graffiti , as well as torching loads of stuff , but it wasnt them , right on there doorstep.

    They are also not responsable for the mountain of contaminated builders waste that has accumulated outside there site. The rubbish pile that appeared before cost something like £250,000 to remove. They put CCTV up but not the gypsies smashed the cameras .

    Council is effectively giving them money as they get paid to take away waste , avoid tip fee's by dumping it and the council clears it up so they have space to start again.

    Poor persecuted gypsies
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  9. Sadly he was pinned to floor screaming on camera the whole time.
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  10. I'm outraged, it's part of travellers' culture to keep slaves. I suppose the bigoted legal system also frowns on hare coursing, fly-tipping and gross violations of trading standards? If a travelling gentleman can't lay a shit driveway before demanding £15,000 with menaces for it off his elderly and browbeaten client, before performing the ritual act of casting fridges in hedges on his way home, I don't know what the world's coming to. I suppose there's also a problem with descending en masse on local parks and decorating them with traditional and symbolic collections of Leylandii trimmings, builders' waste and used nappies?
    I think travellers are just misunderstood, they really enrichen our society o_O
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2017
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  11. Gas the cùnts... some may say.

    Can we have this punted to the naafi so we can go zyklon free.
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  12. Only his shattered fingers if done right.
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  13. I'd love to give you a Funny for that but..............oh sod it. :-D
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  14. These poor individuals who ended up as slaves (and the other victims of this traveller clan) were really victims of the Establishments appalling PC attitudes.

    How can a bunch of men be held as slaves for up to 26 years (the bloke in the Evening Standard account) without any detection or intervention by the police or social authorities? This clan were involved in numerous criminal activities, and that can hardly have gone un-noticed for quarter of a century.

    Why the heck wasn't there even a cursory check into their organisation? Their "slaves" were hardly hidden if they were being used to lay tarmac; wasn't there even one Trading Standards official or Building Inspector who noticed something?

    I do hope that there is an inquiry into how this went on for so long, and who in authority has turned a blind eye to the situation.
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