Traveling to the Legion

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by DeathKnight, Nov 20, 2007.

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  1. Im Aware that this probably does'nt come under the border line of the topic, But it's traveling none the less.
    Now down to the point, Im hoping to join the french foreign legion in december (When i turn 18), My main worry, is that i'll need a Visa, Now your all probably thinking, "What an R-tard" But, Am i right in assuming that my Llyods TSB debit card is a Visa, Yes it says Visa on it.

    Also, Is it compulsory to have a Passport to join the legion, Or do you just need some form of identification? (I.e, Drivers Licence Etc)
  2. laughing so much I have to go home and lay in a darkened room! :lol:
  3. This is going to be fun :)
  4. Seeing as it's nearly Christmas, ask Santa for a brain, second thoughts, don't you might be dangerous if you had one!

  5. You've been foiled mate - you have other posts asking about joining the regular Army, and you also say your a trainee plumber...

    This is a huge, huge Waaaah, with no potential to be funny.
  6. I guess this is a wind-up?
    OK if not there are several threads (look in Infantry forum) on this subject, one called 'joining the ffl in sept' or words to that effect. Use the search button. There will be people there who you can PM for advice. Or you could look at the Frog Embassy www site.
    Why would you need a travel visa to go to an EU country?

    (I only bothered answering as I thought it was something for me to be aware of when going to my local branch)
  7. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    hehehehehe, please please please tell me this is a wah.

  8. Oh, and I missed the one where you were claiming to be chef...

  9. If We're not going to be Sensible then lets not talk at all, Yeah?

    Back to buisness, No - i havent been foiled, I've had a change of thoughts, As your aware, the legion makes its own tests, whats better than coming home and saying, yeah well fuck you, i did it, i didnt do what you thought i'd do, and at least being able to say, yeah, i was a legionnaire.
  10. To Bayonet - No this isnt a wind up, I'm asking, so that at least i know thats one tick on the board, Or i have to go out and set up a visa account, or whatever, And all the Bu11sh1t, I know, i need a passport, and i'm working on it but i'm afraid that it might not be back in time for me to launch the plan, My parents dont want me to go, they'd do anything to stop me, so i'm doing it incognito, the day after i turn 18, (15th of December) Also, I've checked those forums out, They're full Of 4rseh0les B1tch1ng about whether the legions good or not.
  11. Fair point, as we all know, they are tougher than the rest!
    Un question, merde tete, pourquois Le Legion? Tu est Anglais, vouz avet le Para reg et les Marines Royale..
  12. Ooooooooooooooooow!!! Listen to it, the little south welsh scroat! You should need a visa to cross the Severn and the only uniform you're ever likely to where will have 'ATC' written on it!
  13. At least i'm not a little b1tch who can't run his own life, Unlike you airfix, I have ambitions and goals, Also, I dont sit here Cussing people on the internet like a Whinning F8cktard, Please, do us a favor, And step on an Anti-Personel Mine or something.
  14. Fcucking dullard. :banned:

  15. How many things are you doing at the moment? Considering you're only 17...

    Have you considered joining these: