Traveling back to UK from BFG

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Filbert Fox, Oct 19, 2006.

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  1. A relative of my better half was recently posted from the fatherland back to blighty, he and his good lady wife drove their car back, upon arrival at his new unit he submitted his MMA claim, his RAWO said a flight would have been cheaper and would only refund the cost of a flight.

    Is this right? how would he have got his car back? I always thought you got MMA from camp to ferry port, ferry port to new unit.

    Help much appreciated, funny remarks and pish taking also grudgingly accepted.

  2. Ryanair have got a lot to answer for!

    How much would it cost to send his car by air freight?
  3. I always understood that it was unit to nearest APOD, and at the other end APOD to Unit. That gives for example,

    JHQ - Dusseldorf airport
    Stanstead - unit location.

    So you can only claim the MMA between locations.
  4. how do you get your car back though?
  5. You can't: the system takes great delight in screwing you, a situation not helped by some AGC bods attitude that "well you got the car for next to nothing thanks to tax breaks and NATO discount while I, a much more deserving person cannot as I am not based in Germany, so bugger off".

    The system is really stupid, but it is OK as your MP gets 40p per mile for using his/her car on all "official"journeys.
  6. Good to know that the Civil Service types get all their actual costs back, including bringing their Mercs and Bimmers in.

    I think it is one of those archaic rules that has stuck around for a long time, before cars were invented and hence there was no entitlement by default. I think you can still apply for Extra Hay Allowance to bring your horse back though!

    I brought 2 cars, a caravan and 2 motorbikes back and it cost me a mint. Wouldn't expect to claim all that back courtesy of the taxpayer, but I think no one would object to bringing one car back, which is what 99.9% of forces personnel do anyway.
  7. There are two stock answers to this old chesnut;

    a. There is a flight available and paid for that you can take, if you choose not to exercise this then don't expect the taxpayer to cough up.

    b. Part of the calculation of LOA is the buying and selling of cars as you move.

    ........ but we save ooodles of money by you not taking the flight and us (MoD) not paying you for the ferry. Ah well if you can't take the joke you shouldn't have joined.
  8. It has always been that way.
    You have no entitlement to move a car at taxpayers expense on posting.
    The recognised method of travel is by air.
    This is significantly archaic and a hang-over from the days when cars were an expensive novelty only owned by Officers but no-one has ever changed it.
    A further example of the Army's attitude to car ownership can bee seen in the provision of almost no car parking on most military bases, meaning that the parade square is often used to park cars on, much to the dismay of RSMs the world over.
  9. Having worked for some rather large international companies, I would like to inform the British Army and the MoD about a wonderful thing called "Relocation Companies".

    These companies will visit your house a couple of weeks before you move and do a quick survey of what is moving. On the day of the move they arrive with a suitably sized truck and off-load a large number of new cardboard boxes. They then go through the house carefully packing every single item into the boxes, and marking which room the box should be put into at its final destination. The family just have to watch.

    The boxes all get put onto a truck and then dissapear, only to arrive miraculously a day or two (yes, 1 or 2 days) later at the destination (if in continental Europe). The boxes are then taken off the truck and taken (by the workmen, not the soldier or his wife) into the house and into the correct room. Pictures are taken out of special boxes and the master of the house (the wife normally) asked where she wants them to hang. The workmen then drill the holes and professionally hang the pictures. Heavy items of furniture are placed where the owner wants them and then the workmen leave, after having ensured that nothing was broken or the house damaged (if items are broken, they fill in the insurance forms and claims are settled within 14 days).

    They also move cars, motorbikes etc. Anything that can be put inside a container.

    And how much does this cost? For a couple of MFO boxes the price would be a couple of hundred quid (to anywhere in the world apart from hot sandy war zones), to about 4,000 for a family moving their entire house with all associated furniture (many Forces families do not own their furniture).

    Has anyone ever moved between Germany and the UK and not lost a lot of their own money and also had things stolen/broken in MFO? I moved 3 times in total and every single time something was broken or stolen (once it took 6 months for them to find my box, but they refused to acknowledge that it was lost so I couldn't claim on my insurance).

    Rant over. I have a hangover so am not in a good mood. Now back on topic.
  10. Not sure when your last military move was but for moves within Europe we now have just such a system although it isnt nearly as good as what you describe. MFO boxes went out some time ago unless you are a singly and therefore shitouttaluck! There is still no entitlement to move cars, motorbikes or similar, just household contents.
  11. You are entitled to MMA from the port of entry to your unit. There is however some confusion about this. some say your port of entry is the airport you would have arrived at IF you had repatriaeted on the air trooper you should have got to come home on. Others that it is the sea port you arrived at when you drove.

    As has been said, the forces organise moves for you; the fat that they are on board aircraft is neither here nor there. It is your decision to drive back, therefore you pay the costs. And yes, it is a cheapskate, get-out-of-paying, yet another fcuking bone answer to an emminently reasonable question. Still, troops' morale? Bag o' shite!
  12. Now as far as I am aware there are 3 airports, Birmingham, Heathrow and Gatwick that are used as the default ports of entry, depending where you are going on your relocation leave, they should use the nearest airport as your point of entry.

    Quite good if you are going ooooppp north as they will use Birmingham (bear in mind you get a triangular journey for postings to and from NWE and UK)

    It seems pretty simple to me and that was certainly in the RAAC when I was in the pay world, whether or not it has carried over to JSP whatever it is remains to be seen though.

    It used to always be Stansted but that changed quite a few years ago when the charter flights changed.

    Some overseas posts can claim for 'Own Way Passage' Naples and Gibraltar for example, but I have not heard of anyone claiming that from BFG.

    Im ny opinion you should be able to claim actuals up to the notional cost of using the trooping flights in the same way you do for CWT flights !! :eek:
  13. you should have applied to travel by private arrangements, there is a set application form for this, it will then be endorsed by your admin office, once you get back to your unit you can then claim the mileage... sounds like your rawo is a bit retnetive, and there is no had and fast rule in the jsp that you must travel by cheapest means
  14. you should have applied to travel by private arrangements, there is a set application form for this, it will then be endorsed by your admin office, once you get back to your unit you can then claim the mileage... sounds like your rawo is a bit retnetive, and there is no had and fast rule in the jsp that you must travel by cheapest means
  15. Suppose getting the other half down the Quacks and signed off as having a fear of flying too much like a good idea!?

    Then you couldn't get her to fly could you ergo surface movement the only option...............

    Steps aside for mad rush to Med Centre.