Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by copper_knobblet, Aug 30, 2006.

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  1. At the moment I am without car and inquired with my unit as to getting a taxi and charging it to the company as public transport just isn't going to happen with all the will in the world.

    Its only a temporary measure until my car works again and we're talking about a 8 quid for the taxi. Now he acted like he would need an appointment with God to approve it and then it was going to come out of his own pension.

    Whats the real deal with this? Am I entitled to do this? I finish work late so tabbing there isn't an option either if they want me to be at the TAC in time for any transport.

    PS: I'm TA.
  2. get a bicycle or get a lift. Why should I as a tax payer pay for your taxi?
  3. Its dispicable isnt it ck. You would have thought he would have been straight on the phone to sort your transportation problems out for you. Personally, Im amazed that I cant claim an allowance for my weekly shopping trips. After all, I have to eat to be able to serve, so the public should pay for it. Have you enquired to the Air Corps Ops Offr to enquire if any helicopters are available?
  4. Fcking Priks.

    They pay for my travel to and from the TAC anyway like they do everyone else. It would just take a different form once maybe twice.

    Some of us aren't loaded and when asked to help out the unit aren't a pissing charity.
  5. Wind it in there big lad, no violence needed.

    The army paid for my TV as I needed to relax on my return from Ops. Also, my beer and sexual entertainment was also via the firm's coffers as that is what squaddies do.

    Pay for your taxi fares!!!!!!

    Feck off you whining civvie loser.
  6. Knob off knobber, get a freekin bus or even better walk run jog it, IME the TA freaks could do with the exercise anyway :)
  7. As per TA regs you are entitled to a refund of the cost of travel by the shortest practical recognised route, either by rail or by public road transport, or payment of MMA at PTR or cycle allowance. Although Taxis are not specifically mentioned I would have no problem paying MMA for your RPOD in leiu so long as you could produce receipts. this would not cover the complete cost but would help. Other options would be to get a lift in, the person giving you a lift, may be entitled to passenger allowance. Final option - ask your RAO to submit a case via the CoC to get your full taxi fare s back (not much hope though!!)
  8. Thanks very much indeed. Normally I would catch the bus but they want me there too early. In fact normally I have a car. And normally I wouldn't be too bothered but I'm a bit strapped at the moment.

    As for the rest for you - bite! :p