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Travel wear to Phase1

Guy's opinions on travel wear as it's a long journey with multiple changes i'm Thinking smart casual what's your opinions????

Go tomorrow so any input will be appreciated :D


p.s. please only constructive advice only
Some are saying suite, some are saying smart casual (jeans etc).

I think as long as you look presentable and do not turn up in trackies or whatever then you should be fine mate.

I personally will be travelling in jeans and a nice t shirt and jacket.
Wearing the Elvis impersonator outfit would be a good move.

1. On the long journey you could entertain fellow travellers.
2. Packing it would cause creasing.
3. Arriving at Depot, you would show your inherent quirkiness to the Staff.

Win-win and hopefully constructive. Thankewveerrymuch, uh huhhuh.
RoyalWelsh7023 said:
Some are saying suite, some are saying smart casual (jeans etc).
Jeans are pushing the boundaries of smart casual...

Wear your suit (a suite is two chairs and a sofa or a place you take an expensive prostitute); looks smart, stops it getting creased in your bag.

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