Travel Warrant

I don't use the trains, ever! So getting from my hometown to Pirbright is going to be a right hoot. Obviously getting back will be easy... Just re-trace my steps.

That's not the problem though, I have someone willing to drop me off at Brookwood (nearest station to Pirbright) so what I was wondering is although I won't be using the warrant to get there will the warrant still be useable to get back, despite not using it to get there? No one loves me enough to pick me up :lol:

I'm not bothered about training it to and from but the offer stands and it's in brand new X5 so I wouldn't mind a lift 8)
as long as you cash in your warrent (if only!) you can use the return journey!
You may find it difficult to retrace your steps. I doubt if the train will follow the same route that your friend is using. ;) (Then again, I've met a few people who drive X5s....)

Rather than wasting the Army's money by presenting a return warrant and only using half of it, why not exchange it at Pirbright for a one-way (just back home) warrant. Phone them to let them know what's happening and to make sure that there's someone there who will deal with the necessary paperwork.
Get taken to Pirbright (about 1500m from Brookwood station). ell the recruiters/Pirbright that you don't need a return warrant,. although to be honest, if it has been issued, it normally only adds about £2 to the single journey.

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