Travel: Virgin Atlantic Offers


War Hero
Right, The text below is taken from an internal travel update at my work. It's not April 1st today and Branson is known for his marketing ploys, so it's plausible...

Virgin Atlantic's frequent flyers can redeem their air miles against a new type of flight – into space. Under an agreement between the carrier and sister company Virgin Galactic, passengers can put their air miles towards sub-orbital flights that Virgin expect to launch in 2008. The number of required air miles to venture into space is a cool two million. Virgin chairman Sir Richard Branson said: "A journey into space seems like a distant dream but this deal makes it even more achievable for our frequent travellers to become astronauts. We expect the first Virgin Galactic space flight to take place in 2008, which gives our Flying Club members time to save up all their air miles." Virgin Galactic will own and operate its own spacecrafts. Flights will cost $200,000.

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