travel to and from medboard paid for?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by FDW, Feb 16, 2012.

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  1. FDW

    FDW Old-Salt


    I am being Md'd from training in para coy at catterick.

    They sent me on recall leave last week and I live in Devon so travel back is £120-£180 depending when I can book,

    I just got a call saying I need to be back for sunday night but they won't pay for my warrant.

    Is there any way I can claim this do you know? As a poor little trainee i only get £700 a month and £150ish is going to make a big hole in my budget for the month.

    help appreciated.

  2. FDW

    FDW Old-Salt

  3. If you are on official leave and you are called back to duty you can claim.

    If they gave you a warrant though, surely it must have been a return one so why can't you use the return ticket?
  4. FDW

    FDW Old-Salt

    They didn't give me a warrant as they cut us away late on a friday and I had the option of staying til monday to get a warrant or paying another recruit £20 to take me as far as bristol which is only £10 on a train.

    That's good to know I can claim it back, if I go back and forth a few times in a month I'll be eating out of dustbins!