Travel, running out of ideas.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Lampard, Jul 27, 2009.

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  1. Guys,

    My partner's fallen ill and has been moved up to Leicester hospital, some miles away from where i live down South.

    Does anyone know a cheap way to travel there and back again over 2 days?

    I'm under 21 so can't hire a car, or get short term insurance on a friends car.

    Normally her parents would offer a lift, but they're both up there already and won't be returning for a few weeks.

    Train is too expensive for me, and i'm running out of ideas of ways to get there?

    I'll be going with her best friend, who's got a car but only a provisional licence, I have held a full UK licence for just over a year.

    Is anyone out there with any knowledge that might help me?

    I've really started clutching at straws to get up there and it's frustrating being unable to do so.


  2. H3

    H3 LE

  3. Get short term cover on her friend's car and drive it:
  4. H3 - I'd looked at that, considering it as an option, probably the only one i have.

    DD- That's only available to over 25's.
  5. Motorbike hire?
  6. i know that normally you cant hire a car until 21 but IF serving you might be able to hire a car, i know i was able to when i was a young sproglet of under 21. AVIS hire might be your best bet as that was who i used.
  7. puttees - Unfortunately no licence.

    LL - Gave Avis a bell but as i'm TA i still count as a civilian, so no joy.

    Thanks for the replies so far guys, appreciated.

    I'm able to get tickets to Leicester on a coach for £50 each, but i'd then face the problems of getting around the city to the hospital etc. Though it seems this is my only option.
  8. Hitch or bus or you got any mates that are lorry drivers heading that way
  9. You didn't mention your start point, but Megabus seem to be able to do London-Leicester for £25 return each.
  10. ..and I've literally just got off of the phone to a friend who's going to Gatwick to pick up her boyfriend on Thursday. So we'll get a lift to Gatwick, then a Megabus to Leicester. Then return to Gatwick the following day on the Megabus and get another Megabus from London to home.

    Honestly, the effort I go to for this girl.. ;)
  11. Could something like Gumtree help?
  12. Quite why she stays with you when you can't even afford a cheap car, I've no idea... What's she down with? Bukkake overdose?
  13. I'm only 18 mate, and it's £3800 for me to insure a 1.2 clio. I did pay until i started back at college last September, then couldn't work enough to earn money for the insurance. Normally I'd have some money, but I've been up to see her twice so far with her best friends boyfriend driving us, paying accommodation, petrol etc has cleaned me out until payday Thursday.
  14. Why not break into her gaff and sell everything she possesses, then set fire to it. When she gets the insurance payout kill her and add it to your already swollen bank balance. Then with the cash set out and pull another bird (a bit richer this time) and repeat.

    Youngsters, you have to do all their thinking for them.