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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by BigHorse, Aug 8, 2007.

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  1. Just been informed by admin staff that 52p is being taken off my travel allowance every time I attend TA training - something to do with HDT. This is on top of TEA being removed from the TA.

    Has anyone else heard of this?
  2. Tea being removed! How dare they remove my cuppa :)
  3. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Are you sure that it is nothing to do with the HRT? ;)
  4. I got told that as well, something to do with needing a travel warrant? Their reasoning being if I didn't have a travel warrant, I was being lazy and didn't deserve my full amount!
  5. You have never been able to claim HDT and TEA together. If you have been doing so, pack all your belongings in to a small bag and leave now!

    You do the first mile (or something) for free anyway. If 52p matters so much, park up a mile short of the TAC and walk in.
  6. The point, obviously poorly made, was the gradual erosion of allowances. Until recently a TA soldier would be paid TEA for attending a training evening - this has now been discontinued.

    Again, until now a TA soldier has had his/her travel re-imbursed in full - apparently the new regime removes 52p off this re-imbursement. OK not much, but a continual change in terms of service that have been slipped in, and over the year will add up.
  7. You can still claim for missed meals as long as you miss at least 2 in a month. It is 9 for regulars and NRPS/FTRS.
  8. in this weekend and been told we have to take our own food in, cut backs!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I seem to remember that roman soldiers were paid in SALT didn't know that TA were paid in TEA!

    I'll get my coat :wink:
  10. Boofuckinghoo. With all the problems being encountered by the modern TA, you're worried about 52 fucking pence? I you go outside and give yourself a good talking to.

    Complaining about the loss of TEA? Are you a fat biffer that needs all the free food he can get?
  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I'd turn up with a pig on a string (alive of course) and demand the time to prepare my meal!
  12. You really are a c0ck - the point of this forum is to make others aware of changes to Terms of Service. 52p may be little, but over the year adds up, and for junior soldiers might make a difference.

    If you have nothing of value to add then f**k off to the NAAFI where you inadequate contibutions might be thought of as funny. Judging by your previous contibutions you rarely have anything of value to add, and seek to cover your inadequacy by abusing others - go out and get a life rather than being the sad geek with no friends who sits on chat rooms with 2464 posts
  13. Have a word with yourself. Even if you attended Drill Nights every week and two weekends a month that only adds up to ( (52+24)x0.52 ) £39.52 a year. If anyone can't survive without that, then they have bigger financial problems than being in the TA can solve.

    Has anyone else noticed that those that are always complaining about pay are those that do little else other than the TA or have shit civvy jobs? Certainly looking at my unit, those that moan about such issues are usually the ones that are the biggest drain on funding without actually being of much use to the wider Army.

    Ahh, you've got me here. I do find it amusing that you call me a geek yet you're the one that's so sad as to notice that 52p is missing from your payslip and have actually bothered to find out why.

    You didn't answer whether you were a fat biffer or not.
  14. 2465 posts now, and still nothing of value - get out, and get a life - you're a sad example of both TA and your trade
  15. presumably, this is a joke?