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Anyone recommend good travel insurance? Normally used the post office for it as it was one of the better policies howver off to Thailand in 3 weeks and been quoted 108 quid for the two of us for 2 weeks which is a bit of a piss take I think.


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Yearly policies tend to be better value but I've a Santander premium bank accounts costs £20 a month includes travel insurance and admittance to business class lounges.

£15 a month for the Premium Club Credit Card.

Includes travel Insurance.

Free tea and coffee vouchers and other goodies during the year.
Oh and you need Hep A and typhoid injections. Malaria prophylaxis dependent on where you're going.
Oh that reminds me I got the jabs you told me to get for Mexico. Got to back in x amount of months to get the second part of one so that I'm covered for 10 years. When and what would that be?
We got travel insurance from the The post office 6 years ago to go to Florida. My youngest was 19 months old, took Croup and spent every night in hospital. The bill was almost 9K but they paid up with no hassles at all.
If you qualify then SAGA is good value*

* - don't worry Jarrod, you'll soon be there :)
If you're with HSBC Premium, they should cover you. The robbing bastards take £25 a month off me for the privilege though, and the only place I travel these days is to the kitchen.
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