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Just a little piece of information for anyone out there advising on NHE or thinking that holiday insurance is of any use for having a short notice tour:

Having recently finished a 2 year case involving the financial ombudsman for a NHE claim, be advised that the following cover within insurance policies does not cover you for short notice tours:

"If you are a member of the armed forces or police, fire, nursing or ambulance services which results in You having to stay because of an emergency."

This sentance is specfic to AXA, which many people still use. The findings of the Financial Ombudsman was that AXA does not cover short notice tours and furthermore, believes that no alternative policies are avaiable that cover this event.

Be aware, the soldier in question was advised on the phone that the insurance DID cover this, but AXA can not be held accountable for it, so do not think a phone call to a half ARRSed advisor will give you legal grounds.

In short, it is unlikely that ANY insurance policy will cover you for being sent on tour outside of your cycle and that AXA definatly don't.
Nothing like a bit of scaremongering!! Just because one company is not playing fair it doesn't mean the whole lot are the same. Surely best advice is to get yourself cover but ensure that you have the relevant sections stating that you will be covered in the event of a short notice tour - in black and white.

More of a warning than scare mongering. But an important warning none the less. Especially when the Ombudsman himself, says that to his knowledge, no insurer would pay out for such an event. I'm sure there may be one, I have heard LLoyds have proven to be quite good. My point make DAMN sure you read between the lines and it is in BLACK AND WHITE as you say, before assuming your policy wil cover you.
Forces Financial are good for this, I got the grand I'd paid for flights back after being loaded on a career course at short notice, with only a letter from the Sqn 2ic.
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