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I bought travel insurance through one of these price comparison websites. Was supposed to fly to Spain for a few days tomorrow (Tues) but a work issue has meant I'm having to go on Weds instead. Couldn't change the flights as its cheap and cheerful airlines etc. Rest of the group is still going tomorrow (jack! :wink: ). I rang the insurance people to be told i couldn't claim. No mention of me being in the military etc, I just said there was a work problem and they said 'no'.

So my question are: Are there companies that would cover you for this sort of thing? Would I (presuming there was the option) have paid much more to be covered for this sort of thing? Is there any point in actually having travel insurance bar for the medical side of things?


The events which will allow you to claim for cancelling your holiday are defined on the insurance certificate. It is usually the death or injury of a close relative, being burged, fire at home etc. Some may cover unavoidable cancellations due to work commitments, but not all.

If you PM me who you bought it through (which insurer), I will look at the wording for you.

As ever folks, read the wording carefully - you have 14 days to return it after purchase with a full refund if it doesn't cover what you need it to as long as you have not started the trip.


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Most Airline companies, will give you a refund (even the budget ones) a Letter from your chief clerk or OC to the customer services dept will help. Aviation companies are suffering too due to the economic climate, they need bums on seats and dont need the bad press. I would always advise on buying travel insurance not just for medical, flt cancellations unsheduled stopovers etc companies going bust. Use your credit card to buy it and you are well covered. Hope this helps
Cheers. All the details at home. Will try and sort something later. It's more the hassle than the money which, due to it being budget airlines, isn't significant. Just a bit annoyed that its not actually covered!
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For another time, we specialise in insurance products for the Armed Forces so our travel insurance covers eventualities like cancellation arising from exigencies of HM Forces. For example Forces Financial travel insurance will pay up to £3,000 if a trip is cancelled due to service commitments, subject to the reason for cancellation not being known at the time the trip was booked, or the policy taken out. The same cover also applies to family members on the policy, who may wish to cancel their travel because you are suddenly deployed. (

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