Travel insurance - Adventure Training Cancellation

I've never really thought about this before. For the first time I'm going on a fairly expensive adventure training package which work has released me to participate in. However on Friday I was told I may have to deploy in the next couple of weeks and to make sure I had some travel insurance for my AT. On Wednesday I was told I wouldn't have to deploy and let out a sigh of relief that I hadn't lost all this money. I've called a number of insurance companies and gave them the same scenario that almost happened to me and I’ve been told that the only way I would be covered was if I was on leave and had to cancel it due to service reasons. Obviously, I would not have been granted leave for AT. I could have claimed some costs back if someone had taken my place but I may have lost the cost of the flights.

Does anyone know of any travel insurance companies that would cover the cost of Adventure Training if cancelled for Service Reasons? Would the Army be liable for the loss or would I just have to take the hit?


I'm pretty certain that JBI cover you for this sort of thing. Been a while since I've done any AT though!
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