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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Danny_Dravot, Oct 13, 2005.

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  1. Does anybody know the regulations for T&S for attending a long(ish) cse in the UK?

    A friend has approached me and said that her admin office will not allow her to take her car back to UK from BFG for a 3 month cse.

    She has got to travel by duty flight and rail warrants and despite the huge amount of kit required for cse and the length of cse the RAO will not budge?

    Help pse, suggestions?
  2. GB, Not been in BFG for a bit so unsure on exact rules, but if your friend wants to drive back for a course, then unless her RAO has the clerks manning ports to check she doesn't drive back (sorry, being cynical...) :) . She should drive back, however will be restricted to a travel claim from where-ever she would have flown into, to her course address. Also, make sure she claims MIE for the first 30 days of the course for being on Temp Duty staying in Service Accom, and she may get LSSA.
  3. Now days individual RAO's have a lot of flexibility in how they interpret/apply regulations as long as they are making these claims, in the 'best intrest iof the service'. Unfortunately this can be a double edged sword as some RAO's may choose to be 'arrses' and stick ridgidly to the rule about cheapest method of travel, and in this case they may well have decided hat air trooping and rail warrant is the 'cheapest' method, and it is difficult to disprove otherwise. The following is an excdert from The Regulations for Army Allowances and Charges
    "03.001 The Principles of Travel at Public Expense. The following are the general principles of travel at public expense:

    All travel at public expense should be performed in the most economical manner which meets the requirement, not only as regards the mode of conveyance and the route selected, but also the periods for which Subsistence Allowance may be issued."

    The bit that is open to interpretation here is the part about "meets the Requirements".

    I used to run a Pay office and when any of my guys went on 3 month courses (which was fairly often) we would always allow them to take their own cars based upon the fact that they had a lot of kit to take and so traveling by train did not "meet the requirement". In addition there was the other factor of it being a reasoanble assumption that once at duty station, because of the length of the course, the use of a Private vehicle would be a benefit to the soldier in allowing them to return home (at own expense) sometimes during the course (good for welfare and morale of troops etc). As I say though, it is not a right, and it is difficult to prove that the Air trooping/Rail warrants do not "meet the requirement"

    One other possible approach, though again it can be down to the RAO's interpretation and goodwill, would be to find out the cost of said Air trooping and Rail warrant and ask to claim the costs back as an assumed journey, So you friend may opt to pay their own way and provide receipts etc for ferry travel, MMA milage. If this comes to less than the costn of the air trooping/rail warrants, the RAO should have no qualms about paying your claim, as you have saved the Army money. If the claim is more, then you should still be able to claim the cosst os the aitr trooping/rail warrants and at least have offset your cosst somewhat. One again though, this is not a right, its a matter of how good and flexible the RAO is, and unfortunately it already sounds like you may be on a loser.

    My first attempt would still be to go to the RAO with the course joining instructions and the required Kit list and claim that it is not reasonable to transport that amount of kit by air/rail.
  4. A great idea but sadly doomed to fail as the cost of air trooping to an individual unit is non-budgetry, you would not be able to include it in your calcs. I would suggest that you get your OC/BC on side and see if he/she can negotiate your case for you. Either that or try IT_GEEKs last idea. Another idea is maybe to take leave before and after the course and if possible use a leave claim to ease the burden a bit.
  5. thanks all for your help. i believe the situation has now been resolved when the RAO realised how much the excess baggage charge was going to be, circa £250!!!

    When will the army grow up and get rid of the english channel divide...its an old problem, highlighted by a Maj in the recent Soldier.....if my G/F had been travelling from the far side of aberdeen to chatham, not a problem, but from JHQ...........not a chance!!!!!!

    Thanks again!