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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Buax, Mar 26, 2012.

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  1. Hi all.

    Looking to transfer to a unit that's a considerable distance from me; around 50 miles away. My present unit is only around 20 miles away. Currently I use my car to travel to the unit and therefore claim the standard mileage expenses. However, for various reasons I'm losing the use of a car within the next couple of months.

    To get to the new unit, I would therefore either have to get a train (which I am aware you can claim the cost of the ticket) or a taxi. Now I am not too worried about this for normal drill nights, but for training weekends, courses etc getting all the kit required up there is going to be a pain in the arse without a car. The train involves a couple of changes and then a substantial walk from the station to the TA centre. As I say, not bothered for drill nights but not exactly ideal for weekends.

    Therefore my question is is it possible to claim (at least the majority of) the cost of a taxi to the unit? Wouldn't be doing this on drill nights, just for weekends.

    Bit long winded for a simple question, but just thought it would be better to explain the situation.

  2. Call me old fashioned but wouldn't it be best to speak to your new unit. You might find someone local to you is in the same unit and hence you might be able to blag a lift.
  3. Yep, do intend on doing that at some point as that would be preferable to a fooking taxi.
  4. I believe it depends on whether you can justify want to transfer to your new unit instead of one from the same branch nearer to you. If it is the nearest unit of your chosen Arm then it shouldn't be a huge drama. I'm guessing that the reason you're transferring is a change of capbadge or role?
  5. Yes, Infantry to RAC. Technically there is a nearer unit of that arm, but it is only about 5 miles closer by road.
  6. No chance of a mileage allowance covering a fair proportion of the taxi cost? Unlikely I suppose but worth enquiring.

    Not sure if you can claim for a taxi or not.
  7. Did have a look into that, but it nowhere near covers the taxi cost sadly.
  8. Hold on, I have come to my sense this morning and please excuse last nights reasonable answer as me being knackered after another day of chasing cats in the ivory tower.

    A taxi?!!!!!! A sodding taxi?!!!!! Unless something has changed and you were conscripted and forced to join the TA then I feel you should make your own way there and claim for the mileage as appropriate like the rest of us mortals. My sympathy for you is rather low when at the moment we are taking cuts across all areas of defence. Hence you not getting a taxi to your TA drill hall isn't something which I feel we should really worry about too much.
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  9. So I can't claim my personal shofar ?
  10. (s a taxi the cheapest possible route? Chopper
  11. Look into National Express coaches, you can get up to 60% military discount. Thats what I use to get to my TAC, although I don;t claim it back.
  12. One of the guiding principles of HDT is;

    f. Travel must be by the most cost effective and practical route.

    Which for you, would be train (or possibly coach as mentioned), unless you're a very important person I would expect your taxi request to be declined. Incidentally if the distance is over 50 miles away you would need permission from the CO, who would ask Bde for it.. Again unless you're the OC or what not it may be an issue...
  13. No Colonel. The oldest, least soldierly lancejack in the Battalion is aleady covered off on the QM's ration roll. You can't claim twice
  14. To be fair I can understand his position, some TACs are in pretty awkward places and it can be a bastard to get to the place if you don't have your own personal transport.
  15. Ah, but the land was cheap and we got a good deal on selling the old site..... ( Or not, if Defence Estates were involved.)