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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Watson, Aug 6, 2009.

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  1. Hi,
    This is pretty much my last hope of joining the TA, i have heard you can get travel expenses paid by the TA, can anyone give me any info on this?

    I want to join but the centres are all relatively far away given that i cant drive. Having to pay things like taxi fares or bus fares would more or less destroy the point of joining the TA as opposed to a regular part time job. Im currently at teesside uni and these are the units open to me.,4thBattalionTheYorkshireRegiment(V).aspx,5MilitaryIntelligenceBattalion.aspx,34SignalRegiment(V).aspx,168PioneerRegimentRLC.aspx

  2. While I can understand the money problems of being a student (being one myself) this really is a bad attitude to have. I'd probably recommend hunting down a standard civvi job for part time work if your main motivation is cash.

    Also - how come its almost your lost chance to join the TA when you're still a student and must be relatively young ish?
  3. i just meant as in last chance for this year, it just means i will have to wait a few years is all.

    Also money is not my main concern, obviously money would be greatly apreciated but really all i would wish is that the TA pays for itself for the most part. The problem is that all the centres are quite far away and i would have to either get a taxi or bus there and back. Its gonna take some considering either way like, was just wondering.