Travel expenses (fuel!)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Macgyver, Oct 4, 2007.

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  1. I usually travel by rail when i attend the T.A. But the next time ive got to drive. Anyone let me know on average what they pay per mile for expenses?
  2. Yeah its 26.2p/mile I think.
  3. It is actually 25.1 from the 1st August. The MOD in its wisdom reduced the rate on the annual review as and I quote "the cost of motoring has reduced". You could not make that up if you tried.
  4. bloody hell, that doesn't even cover my fuel... driving through london!
  5. What are you driving, a Challenger????
  6. is the rate going to change in line with the rise in fuel duty :?
  7. it was a 24 year old Volvo with a knackered Carb, now it's a V6 Sterling - hight of luxury :)

    seriously though, travelling up from Surrey into WhiteCity is not pleasant! I know there are others who travel a lot further too!
  8. Sorry, being feciscious.

    The inland revenue mileage rate is 40p per mile for the first 10,000 miles. People who are paid under the 40p can claim the difference back from HMRC.

    Are TA members able to do that??
  9. The rate you mention is the maximum that anyone can be paid to an employee by an employer without the employee being taxed on it. If an employer pays less the Inland Revenue don't subsidise the employer. So you can't claim any shortfall from them. The bottom line is that what you get is between you and your employer (including the TA as a part time employer).

    If you were right I'd cut my employees mileage allowance and let the government pay them instead of me.
  10. I am right. Yet to take the 'Advanced Tax exam' however the difference between the two can be reclaimed from the HMRC on your tax form.

    Whether part time employees are in exactly the same boat, I'll let you know once I've done that part of the sylabus.
  11. I have actually claimed this in the past from my civi firm, I'm sure it was the difference was added to my annual tax relief, meaning I only got back 22% of the difference after applying.
  12. Yes you can claim the difference back. I've done it, it works, but be warned. Its a long and slow process, your tax office will tell you first of all that you can't claim it, then they'll tell you to talk to pay office. Just keep on, keep sening letters and phoning to chase it........but it does take bloody ages.
  13. how do they work out mileage? i looked up on the net and programed the sat nav today for the shortest route, both worked out a 430 mile round trip to t.a. and back, but they paid me for 368 miles .. obv being a recruit and with an officer there i didnt really want to question him. am i missing something? appologies if i am and seeming abit thick!
  14. Yes, if they follow previous trends it will go down.
  15. They will pay you for the shortest route, usually checked against something like Autoroute.

    Your satnav is probably giving you the fastest, not the shortest route.