travel days

Looks like one days travelling time. The Army Leave Manual is on ArmyNet and you need para 0108.
This is what appeared on orders:

With immediate effect, Army personnel are entitled to request up to 3 days travelling time per leave year. Travelling Time is only to be applied for when taking annual leave for travel back to the UK and only 1 day can be claimed with a period of leave. Travelling Time is monitored by the RAOs office on Unicom.
I would have thought that it would apply to each journey, but dependant on using a set amount of annual leave for that journey.

As for the input on your Orders it looks like the Annual Leave has been split into three periods (Block Leave Christmas, Easter and Summer for example) therefore allowing you three travelling days.

You would have to speak to your RAO Office as they will be more versed in this subject than myself.

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