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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by MikeL, Oct 3, 2006.

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  1. Hi, I'm looking at joining my local TA Unit (Infantry) fairly soon, to get me some more income and as a general progression from the Army Cadets. I understand the differences etc but have a couple of main questions.

    Is travel to and from Unit (i.e. mileage) able to be paid back? Or is this out of my own pocket?

    It says that to be a TA Officer your qualifications are a minimum of 3 GCSEs... I have 14 but left 6th form with only 3 A/S levels to pursue different education (Im going to study as a Personal Trainer, however the award is not applicable to the "UCAS" system or the NVQ Qualification levels etc.). Am I likely to be able to apply to be an officer (obviously after some time as I am young, and if the OC thinks I should be) with these qualifications?

    Cheers for any advice :)
  2. Yes you will be re-embursed and Yes you may be up for Officer training.
  3. that was simple :) Thanks very much!
  4. Yes to travel claims to the unit.

    However with regard to qualifications for a commision, the rules changed with effect from 1 Sep 06 ( stand to be corrected if I have the date wrong). Academic quals are now the same as for a civilian applicant to the regular Army. Ie 2 full A levels is the basic minimum.

    There can be exceptions so dont pack up now if you dont meet the requirements.

    In terms of joining the TA with the intention of applying for a commission you have two choices.

    1. Join a normal TA unit do your recruit and trade training and subsequently apply for a commision.

    2. Join direclty as a Direct Entry TA Potential Officer-(DETAPO) through your local District Training Team

    there is lots on the thread started by the Black Shamrock a month or so back on how all that works.

    I would recomend a chat with your local district training team - which will be running the Direct Entry TA Potential Office Scheme

    and with a couple of local units- try and get to see the Adj or OC and specificaly ask to talk about commisioning opportunities.

    happy to chat if you want to PM me.
  5. Thanks for that advice. Im not completely sure about the Officer route as currently some of my Instructors through Cadets are NCOs in the TA, and I am not keen on landing myself above them straight away. Perhaps the route of going through Basic Training first is better. :)

  7. Ah, bless. You'll still have to do basic either way, Potential Officer or not. If you really can't decide between NCO or PO, I might suggest going PO for a bit. The quality of the training will teach you a decent NCO standard fairly quickly, especially Section Commander and 2ic drills. Some of the best officers have done the NCO route first, but doing the PO training will get you trained to a high level faster that the soldier route (where you may well get bored).

    Once you are on the training you can judge for yourself if your old instructors would rather work with you or the variety of other interesting fellows* working for a commision. I've not come across many units that don't allow you to pick either route, or switch between the two.

    *Fat mongs
  8. lol like the add on. I've called up the unit and am visiting them next week, also the RFCA have sent me a list of other local units too, so I may go and see them as well.

    I'll speak to them and see what they think. Thanks for the advice guys :)