Travel claims?

My sons use SCV flights for half-term holidays.
The only way I can get my sons from boarding school to airport is via taxi. Its costing me a fortune!
If we are collecting them we can claim MMA minus the first 50 miles.
Anyone know if there is a way of reclaiming any of the taxi costs?
you can claim a notional MMA jrny minus the 50 miles this prob wont cover the taxi but its somthing and its a return jrny and the 50 miles is only taken off the tottal jrny. hope this helps is you hit any static from you HR people (which you shouldnt) point them to JSP 752. You should put this on JPA under SCV claims not I Expences
Thanks for that, the school to airport run is less than 50miles!
At the moment I'm paying £200 for taxi's from school to airport return, with the driver acting as escort.

Also whats with the 10% parental contribution for SCV flights??
right just checked JSP 752 ch4 section 12 SCV and it doesnt mention 10% anywhere are you sure your not confusing the 10% perental contribution for Boarding School allowance??? the personal contribution it mentions in SCV is for the 50 mile contribution i mentiond before. hope this helps but i would still read the JSP you can get iy on line through Dii or whatever system you use on the Army portal
HR asst has no idea what it means either!!

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