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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Berlin_104s, Apr 14, 2007.

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  1. My daughter started at boarding school at the start of this academic year. I understand that I can put in a travel claim for each occasion that I drop her off or collect her, less the first fifty miles. However the clerks at my place seem unsure as to the mechanism for claiming; ranging from 'Just put in a 1771' to 'I have to ring Glasgow for authority', which somehow never happens. So far I have made 7 return trips since last September and it costs rather a lot in petrol! Can any pay gurus out there please give me the DS answer as to how I go about claiming this? Also do I need to have business insurance to be able to claim and what will happen in the post - JPA era?

    Many thanks in advance

    Berlin 104s
  2. I have never heard of any of the parents from my school (DYRMS) claiming an allowance for car travel, we dont even get train tickets anymore, the only thing we can claim is three return flights per year if we are based out of the country, but thats not to say it doesnt exist...
  3. JSP 752

    the following para is referred to above

    So actually, it the same as making any claim - ie. if you use your own car, make a claim as you would any other. There is a bit of a transition a the moment between the old system and JPA. If you are not on JPA, most units are still using 1771's. You clerks should know all this. (I did say should)

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  4. I was RAPC/AGC......"ring Glasgow for authority"??!...not in my day! simply follow the current rules....which then were covered in the RAAC!!.and I'll bet the rules haven't changed that much!.....

    ....and if a claim is paid 'outside' of the reg's...well, as long as it is still within the units annual travel budget, I'll bet Glasgow wont even look at it.
  5. Many thanks for the prompt and useful advice. I intend to be all over this tomorrow; like a tramp on hot scoff!

    Kind Regards

    Berlin 104s