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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by WOIII, Dec 13, 2007.

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  1. I've got a quick question...

    I'm due to go on leave AD 26 Dec and remain on leave untill the 14th Jan, where i go on course for 9 weeks. I'm single and thus only get one GYH claim, which i've made this year.

    Because i'm going on course after leave am i entitled to claim for the journey home and the journey back or do i shi t out and have to fork out myself, as if i was going on leave!

  2. Difficult one to answer not knowing all you personal cicumstances - best idea would be to speak to your own unit HR (Clerks) first off!

  3. GYH(T) for you, if you have a privately owned property and you live in SLA, it is a monthly allowance based upon where your property is (Miliage) to get you back to check said property (different if in an RWA).

    If you are going on duty from leave, the book says that travel is admissiable from duty station to temp duty location, and again it would depend on weither or not your leave was covered by GYH (Early Years) for the leave element.
  4. Personally I think that if you are travelling from your leave address to the course then you should be able to claim a notional journey from your duty address to the temporary duty address with the mileage being either that or your leave address to the course whichever is the lesser.

    As an auditor that would keep me happy.
  5. My brain hurts as its Friday. Are you coming back to unit lines after leave then on course or are you, "calling in at home," en route to course? Albeit you are taking three weeks to get there! Leave AD Boxing Day, so who did you upset?
  6. As you say big Red stopping in on the way! (yep its a long stop) at least there are cheap ferries on boxing day!