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Hi all, my brother is in the TA and has been for some years and after an Iraq tour got shafted by his employer and moved away to work approximatley 150 miles. He still attends training weekends but has been told he is not allowed to claim anything for travel and as you are aware 300 miles fuel out of his pocket is a lot of dosh. I was a PSI a while back and remember vaguley people travelling long distances and getting paid mileage, can anybody shed any light on the official rules please :D
There are ways of getting longer distances authorised - I'll do a bit of digging for you tomorrow to find chapter & verse - wait out.

I don't know the position of your brother in the CoC but the following seems to cover just about every eventuality. As long as his CO is on side Bde HQs normally just rubber stamp such cases due to current manning gaps. I would think his start point should be his PASO who should then staff the case via RHQ (RAO):

TA Regulations 1978 (including amendment 29)

Para 7.293

A member who changes his place of residence or employment, and whose unit is still the nearest of his own arm or service after he has moved, is to be refunded the additional expense necessarily incurred. A member who changes his place of residence or employment, and whose unit is no longer the nearest of his own arm or service after he has moved, may voluntarily continue to serve in his unit but will only be refunded travelling expenses limited to the distance authorized on enlistment. However, authority to claim travelling expenses appropriate to the greater distance may be given by the Div/Dist or Regional Brigade Commander in whose district the unit is located. This authority, which is to be obtained before the first such journey is carried out at public expense, is subject to the following conditions:

a. The shortage of suitable locally resident members is such that the loss of the member in question would impair the efficiency of the unit.

b. The authority is to be reviewed annually and is to be withdrawn from any member who fails to complete his training obligation.

c. The individual’s total residence to place of duty travel is to be limited to 8,000 miles a year. Where, however, military transport is available for duty travel, that is, attendance on training or annual camp, no claims for use of private vehicles are admissible.

If you need anything else digging out - give me a shout. - Please post progress.

No mate - that sounds like the easy way out!! - The unit can authorise that without having to staff a case via brigade HQ which is the way it should be done! We have a soldier now living around 150 miles from the TAC (same as your brother), case has gone up via the chain. Sub para c above gives the limit of 8000 per year which should cover more than enough - 2 weekends per month & annual camp. I would advise your brother to ask to have a look at the case sent to Bde - hopefully this will either call their bluff or make them take the correct action.
Thanks mate, will do, they are using the excuse that the OC only claims 50 miles, but our kid loses a days wage in petrol really, your helpis appreciated
TA units will apply the 50 mile rule more readily than apply to higher for authority depending upon rank and job filled, I think because there's an assumption that higher authority will look at the individual, look at alternate locations, and write back suggesting said individual transfer.

Rank and job play a key part, although specialisations are also important. If the soldier is your only chef, then potentially they're the most important person in the unit!
paywog, thanks for your help, my brother took all the info back to his OC, it seems the OC is in a similar location and was not aware of all the facts either, he approached my bro and said he can now claim fully, obviously your info helped the OC also, thank you very much for your help mate, proves this site is spot on for STABS as well as ARABS, BTW my time as a PSI was the best time of my career so its not a stab (excuse the pun) at anyone :D

Cheers :D

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