Travel claim for guard duty during Christmas leave.

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Surfer_Smithy, Dec 23, 2011.

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  1. I've been on leave since the second week of December, got call from camp today (shouldn't have picked up i know) saying that due to illness one guy can't do guard on the 29th of December and that the SSM has spammed me for it. Now i'm not at my home address for Christmas which means it's going to be a 500 odd mile round trip for me to get to camp and back effectively loosing 3 days of leave due to travel and the actual duty of which i was wondering can i claim for the 2 days back (8am 29th -8am 30th) ill be doing along with the petrol or am i only going to get one day back, i already get GYH for the property me and the miss' share if that makes a difference.
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  2. Did you put the address you are at now on your leave request?
  3. Pretty sure it'll be for your CSM to authorise it. By not bitching and cracking on I guess that'll be more likely. Shit sandwich tho buddy.
  4. Give the CSM a call and explain your predicament. Much better than asking people on here.

    Of course you can always tell your CSM, next year when you put your claim in, that eodmatt said that you could claim Official Duty Rate for your journey as well as a couple of overnight stops on full subby.
  5. Yes i did.

    Well the sgt that rang me said that the SSM was sorting my leave out, it's shit i know but its better than the 25th or the 31st guard, but if i can get money for the journey i had not planned and its putting me out by about 90 quid and 3 days i'lll claim it what i'm more bothered is if i can reclaim two days and not one of leave back because technically im working both days. What pisses me off is there are enough guys that have fucked up (Drink Driving, Battery etc) in the last couple of days before leave and they dont get dicked for guard. I'm not bitching (too much) haha.
  6. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Put your case forward in a reasonable manner, but to be fair, as soon as you were told what the situationw was you should have said: "I'm 500 miles away..... Find someone else." and stuck to your guns.

    Whatever happened to pinging the first guy to come through the Guardroom?

    "Morning mate, off anywhere nice?"
    "Yeah actually."
    "Not any more you're not."

    That's why for 30 minutes after every Guard Mount, no-one would dare leave camp in case someone hadn't turned up and they got spammed.
  7. Surely the SSM can spam somebody closer to home.....he must be a fcuking tit!
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  8. Not forgetting the old.. "What are you up to this weekend mate?"
    "I'm off to go see the..."
    "Guess again!"
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  9. Wow that sucks ballz, when we are on leave you can't call us back for bullshit like that. Has to be for real emergencys not whims of some ********.
  10. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Well.... They can call you back for that.... but it's just polite not to, and to find someone closer to home. Plus there's always someone that spends Christmas in the block by themselves. Instead of having to do a Welfare check on them on Christmas day to make sure they've not slit their wrists, why not get them on guard instead? :D
  11. There must be a lot more to this than the original poster is letting on.

    Either the SSM is a complete ****, or the OP is in the naughty book and this is him being made to pay his dues.

    I'm guessing the latter.

    It would also be very amusing if the SSM reads this thread: if any of the details are correct, then it will be easy for him to break the OP's OPSEC.
  12. I'm sure the DS answer to the OPs predicament is in JSP 760.

    However, I'm on leave and at home, but I'm sure some kind poster will dig it out for you.

    In the meantime - let the "stagging on" jokes begin! :)
  13. In my day we would have got a rail travel warrant. are you near a railway?
  14. Theres a simple answer to this problem people get cheap houses every month get to go home every night and should get pinged for stupid things like this, as somebody who lives up the line ends up loosing a lot more of there leave than someone who can spit from there front door to the guardroom. Im just glad we have MPGS.
  15. What?